Call of the Ancestors | Novice Quest

Call of the Ancestors | Novice Quest

Join three young goebies on the adventure of a lifetime on the strange new world of Mazcab. Play Call of the Ancestors – our first bottle quest.

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How to Start Call of the Ancestors
Speak to Tunks on Tuska's back.
Get there by speaking to the Astromancer near Lumbridge docks.
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Once the quest starts, you'll head through the portal with the young goebie Tunks and meet Acca Kanatah, who's determined to dig his heels in against the airut's onslaught.

You'll accompany Tunks and his two friends – Peck and Lunch – as they embark on a journey of discovery: uncovering the lost history of their people, and harnessing powers the young goebies never knew they had.

Rewards include tickets to reroll your raid boss loot, a Magic XP lamp, and a goebie warpaint outfit. There's also post-quest content to discover – be sure to seek out Tunks when you're done!


This is the first bottle quest – a self-contained, character-led tale that we hope will be a welcome break from the epic Sixth Age storylines. It's light-hearted, fun, and accessible to all members – no other requirements. Let us know what you think!

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