Canoeing, Zygomites and a Mole!

The Giant Mole

If there's something that Wyson the gardener in Falador Park simply can't abide, it's damage to his beloved flower patches. After a slight accident involving a bottle of Malignius-Mortifer's-Super-Ultra-Flora-Growth-Potion and a rather unlucky mole, it suffices to say the mole hills in Falador Park are big enough to make the strongest gardener weep.

Travelling down into these dark mole tunnels, it's up to you to track down this critter and try and put an end to Wyson's misery. Bring a few friends though, because it's not an easy creature to tackle and it may well give you the slip a few times.

When you've defeated the mole, don't forget to collect the proof that you've dealt with the beast. Wyson will be happy to give you something for them - He finds a lot of old bird nests while he's gardening. These nests are similar to the ones found through woodcutting, but may offer a selection of vegetable seeds instead of the eggs. Naturally the lucky ones will still contain tree seeds.


This week also brings an update to woodcutting, and with it a marvellous opportunity to save on shoe leather. Look for a transportation icon on your minimap at key points along the River Lum, and near to it you'll spot a canoe tree. This remarkable new species will allow you to carve your own canoe to get you from A to B in style.

You'll need at least level 12 in woodcutting to make a basic canoe. As your woodcutting level increases, you'll be able to make better canoes which can travel further. Expert woodcutters can even create a canoe so reliable that you can safely navigate underground portions of the River Lum for a one-way trip straight into the Wilderness itself! Canoe locations include Lumbridge, the Champions' Guild, the Barbarian Village and Edgeville.


Deep within the twisted wonders of Zanaris, a deadly and cunning ambush predator waits for its prey. The Slayer Masters obviously think their students have gone a bit soft, so they have added Mutated Zygomites (Slayer level 57 required) to their menacing menagerie.

Keep your eyes peeled, they might prove hard to find... and make sure you are properly equipped before you go hunting them! Adventurers clever enough to squash this most ferocious of fungi might be lucky enough to find strawberry seeds and buckets of supercompost left behind.

In other news...

The little leprechauns who look after farming tools have grudgingly agreed to store magic secateurs in their mysterious toolshed. The secateurs themselves have been improved to work for pruning diseased trees.

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