Capes of Achievement... and Goats!

Are you one of the hottest firemakers? Craftier than a clockwork cat? Bit of a wiz at wizardry? Try out our new Capes of Achievement today!

Experts across RuneScape are now selling these stylish new additions to your wardrobe... but watch out! Only players who have reached level 99 of a specific skill or completed all of the quests will have the right to wear the latest in-game fashion and gain access to a funky new emote to show off their new cape!

Each cape comes with a matching hood, and if you've mastered more than one skill, a trimmed model will highlight your talent. So whatever skills your achievements lie in, you can show off your dedication with these elite new items. For those of you who still wonder about reaching level 100 ... there's a sneaky boost to your stat on each cape, temporarily giving you the effects of that unattainable century!

To find out where you can buy one, wander over to the Knowledge Base article.

This week also sees the release of a tough, new breed of animals. Herds of Desert Goats can now be found wandering around the Kharidian - um - Desert. Now there's a surprise!

Intrepid explorers who go hunting for these bleating beasts will find that they can collect goat horns, which, when powdered and mixed with Harralander, can make a new Combat potion. This magical (level 36) elixir combines the properties of a basic Attack Potion and Strength potion, so it's a handy addition to your inventory when heading into difficult combat situations.

Warning: Goats and the desert effect can be bad for your health!

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