Carnillean Rising

The House of Carnillean is an old and noble one. No-one is more proud of that fact than Sir Ceril, who thinks it's high time to make a man of his sulky son, Philipe, before he dishonours the family name.

Sir Ceril expects young Philipe to become a fully fledged adventurer: to have traversed obstacles, disarmed traps, vanquished dragons, won riches and swept a damsel off her feet before the day is out, and it all needs to happen in the sewers below the Carnillean mansion. It's a tall order to fill, but with some ingenuity, Construction skill and the help of the dispassionate family butler, you'll come up with a devious, blood-stained dungeon to challenge even the most stout-hearted adventurer. At least, if you look in a certain light...and squint a bit...

Send Philipe on his quest to experience the time-honoured swashbuckling staples of acrobatics, hand-to-hand combat, damsel-romancing and impromptu cross-dressing, and you'll earn Thieving and Construction XP; 2 XP lamps to be used in any skill(s) over level 30; a few note-loads of construction planks; and a treasure chest, which can be filled with loot and hidden across Gielinor to create your own treasure hunts. More experienced players among you will also have post-quest opportunities to earn additional rewards, both within the mansion and out in the wide world.

How to start Carnillean Rising:

Speak to Xenia outside the Carnillean mansion, south of Ardougne Castle. Please note that Xenia won't appear unless you meet all of the quest requirements.


Mod Ash

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In Other News

  • We've updated the look of the furniture menus used in the Construction skill.
  • The ancient staff re-colour is now on sale at Xuan's Loyalty Shop for 4500 loyalty points - that's 25% off!

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