Castle Wars Kill Streak Competition

Castle Wars has been a favourite among members for a long time and, thanks to its recent update, is now better than ever. To celebrate the update, we’re holding our first ever in-game competition to see who can dispatch the greatest number of opponents without dying themselves, in the form of the Castle Wars Kill Streak Competition!

The competition will run all this weekend from 00.01 BST on Saturday right up until Sunday night at 23.59 BST, and will be held on Castle Wars worlds 15 and 166. At the end of the weekend, we’ll look at who’s dealt the most kills without dying and announce the winner early next week.

The most prolific Castle Wars killer will win 12 months of membership and some exclusive Castle Wars concept art framed and signed by the team.

Castle Wars is an activity for RuneScape members, so if your membership has lapsed or you’re thinking about checking out members for the first time, there’s never been a better time to jump in.

You can find full details including rules, T&Cs and an FAQ on this forum thread. We’ll also be on the forums answering your questions and hearing your tips on how to get that perfect kill count.

May the best Castle Wars player win!

Mod Paul M
RuneScape Community Management

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