Castle Wars Kill Streak Competition – Result

As you’ll no doubt know, this weekend we held the Castle Wars Kill Streak Competition. The idea was simple: kill as many opposing players in Castle Wars without dying. We were keeping track of the scores, so that the player with the most kills could be crowned the weekend’s champion of Castle Wars. As if that weren’t prize enough, the winner also wins 12 months of RuneScape membership and some exclusive signed/framed Castle Wars concept artwork!

It’s now Monday and the mayhem has subsided, and from the dust rises the Castle Wars Kill Streak Competition winner...


GUNZ_BOSS didn’t hold back and managed to score a whopping 192 kills without dying! Impressive stuff indeed and I’m sure you’ll all agree a worthy winner of our first kill streak competition.

This was the first event of its kind and we’d like to thank everybody for taking part and offering their feedback throughout the running of the competition. Once again, congratulations to GUNZ_BOSS and thanks for taking part! Until next time...

Mod Hohbein
RuneScape Community Management

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