Champions, Wyverns and Granite

After several years of neglect, the Champions’ Guild basement has been decorated and has become home to a rather interesting bunch of pugilists, gladiators and general top-notch combatants from all over the known world. If you’re really lucky, you may find that killing the weak and innocent creatures of RuneScape will end up with you being challenged to a duel by the champion of that race. Defeating that warrior will lead to good rewards, and even the possibility of bigger fights in the future. These champions do not challenge just anyone though, and it may take quite some time before they acknowledge your prowess. Do you have what it takes to take down all of these mighty fighters? Find out in the Champions' Challenge!

Around the edges of the arena are sat the Champions of Champions. These champions of champions will only challenge you after you have fought ALL of the lower champions.

The lower champions are far too lowly to have seats in the arena, but they will challenge you when you have made yourself known as an enemy of their race.

Deep in the dungeon where the Blurite glows...
Thurgo stumbled and fell down a hole he had never seen before... and awoke a terrifying creature of bone and ice. At first glance he thought them to be dragons... but when he tried an anti-dragon shield and narrowly escaped with major frostbite, he knew that they were not.
These Wyverns will give a chilly reception to any who dare enter the cave, so you’d best equip yourself with some elemental protection.

You'll need a Slayer level of at least 72 to fight a Skeletal Wyvern.

Just before Thurgo left the dank cave, he caught a familiar glint out of his eye... the glint of rock. Yes, rock does glint to a dwarf... especially granite.

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