Chance of Double Law, Death and Blood Runes

Based on player feedback to last November’s Runecrafting update, we’ve extended the ability of double-crafting runes to include law, death and blood runes. As the Runecrafting level to guarantee double-crafting of these runes would lie much higher than level 99 (following the pattern established in the rest of the skill), you will only have a chance of doing so, with that chance increasing the closer your Runecrafting level gets to 99.

The ability to double-craft law, death and blood runes now means that it is possible to receive more than one of each type of rune from a single essence. The greater chance, at higher Runecrafting levels, of crafting two law, death or blood runes per essence should provide more incentive to train the skill through the last few levels.

Mod Nancy
RuneScape Content Developer

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