Charm Sprite Hunting

Charm Sprite Hunting

If you’re a practised hunter with a passion for Summoning, you’ll be able to turn your skills to good use and bag some handy rewards in the process, with this new Hunter skill update (for players of level 72+).

The Taverley druids’ constant forays into the Spirit Realm have had an unforeseen impact on RuneScape. Invisible creatures, which are actually the power contained within charms, are spilling out into our world. Yaktwee Swinmari Cianta, aged gnome hunter and self-proclaimed “jack-knife-of-all-trades”, expounds the virtues of staying in shape by capturing these “pesky little critters”, more commonly referred to as charm sprites.

Doing so requires the keen eyes of experienced hunters to spot when these creatures are in the area, honed reactions to target and reveal the critters, and cool, calculated aiming in order to capture them as they rush to get away! The more charm sprites you manage to capture, the more Summoning charms you’ll earn.

Mod Tytn
Lead RuneScape Content Developer


Where to hunt charm sprites:

Talk to Yaktwee south of the Tree Gnome Stronghold's main gate.

Requirements to hunt charm sprites:

72 Hunter
4,000 coins to buy the necessary equipment from Yaktwee.
Six free inventory spaces are recommended.

In other news...

The Conquest activity's champion units have had their health reduced slightly.

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