Chat Changes & Camera Controls

Today sees the release of a myriad of much-requested technical updates that’ll streamline your RuneScape experience.

The RuneScape chat system has served us well, but it’s high time for an overhaul. The old, familiar chat box has been reworked in order to bring you a range of new features:

- All messages, no matter the source, will now automatically wrap if they’re too long.
- This also means that you can type longer messages. The entry line of the chat box will scroll left and right with the cursor.
- Private messages are now entered into the chat box, just like public messages.
- You no longer need to enter multiple forward slashes to denote a message as a friends’ chat message or a clan chat message. It is now possible to move between persistent chat modes by entering one of the following codes and pressing Enter or Space:

  • /p – Public chat
  • /f – Friends chat
  • /c – Clan chat
  • /g – Guest clan chat

Visit the manual for full details of the newly revamped chat box.

It is now possible to control the camera by holding down your middle mouse button or mouse wheel; rotating through a full 360 degrees of motion and pitching in and out by simply moving the mouse. Traverse and admire Gielinor with seamless ease!

A new button has been added to the “Options” menu entitled “Adventurer’s log settings”. This allows you to select which categories of in-game activity you wish to display on your adventurer’s log and which you would rather keep to yourself.

The Wise Old Man’s no stickler for the obsolete trappings of yesteryear and readily embraces new innovations as he helps players to maintain an uncluttered storage area. His service of scanning banks for unneeded quest items from all free-to-play quests, as well as selected members’ quests, is now performed through a slick, tidy new interface.

RuneScape looks and feels better than ever before, but your feedback is essential in our continued efforts to improve the game. If there’s a new feature you’d like to see implemented, please post it in our suggestions forum.

The RuneScape Team

In other news...

- Rangers should listen out for a complete rework of ranged combat sounds, including samples of real bows and crossbows being drawn and the hefty thwacks of projectiles hitting their targets. There are also all-new sound effects for enchanted bolts and ranged special attacks.

- A number of improvements have been made to Temple Trekking:

  • Players will now receive 25 Ghastly Attack scrolls instead of 15.
  • Attacking an enemy that is fighting your companion will now pull threat away from him/her.
  • "Hard" companions now receive slightly more experience for completing an event.
  • Ranger and mage companions’ accuracy has been increased.
  • Trekkers will now eat at below 50% health instead of 25%.

- The tome of frost reward from Dungeoneering now reduces the amount of damage you receive from being dehydrated in the desert.

- Demons in Daemonheim now drop impious, accursed and infernal ashes.

- Anvils across RuneScape have been given a "smith" option, and can now be used by left-clicking on them.

- The completionist cape has been given the following:

  • The enchanted bonesack teleport.
  • An option to manually set its colours.
  • An option to give it the functions of a spirit cape.
  • A longer particle trail.
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