Christmas Card Competition

We’re using the arrival of the festive season as the perfect excuse to run a Community Management competition, complete with official Jagex giveaways (‘cos we’re nice like that).

As you’re no-doubt aware, Christmas is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate (aside from eating too much) than running a Christmas Greeting Card Design competition? Anything goes in this competition: from charcoal drawings to computer graphics.

Here are some more specific details:

Launch: Thursday, 3rd December
Close: Friday, 18th December


  • All Christmas card designs and images must be submitted to before the 18th December, 2009
  • Entries must be RuneScape-themed and abide by the RuneScape Rules
  • Submissions must be made in JPEG format and should be no larger than 5MB
  • Any submission must be your own work and shouldn’t be sent through a third party

As mentioned above, we’ll stop taking entries on Friday 18th December, and will announce the winners and runners-up with a newspost on the week following the deadline. We'll then show the best of the bunch in a seasonal Players' Gallery!

For more details and a discussion of the competition, head on over to this forum thread

Have fun, good luck, and Merry Christmas!

Mod Hohbein
Community Management

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