Citadel Screenshot Competition Winners!

Earlier this year we launched our Citadel Screenshot competition, challenging you with the artistic task of taking the best Community Screen Shot of your Clan Citadel. The goal was simple - take a fantastic screenshot of your citadel whilst also trying to capture the essence of your clan's community and activity.

Well it took a little longer than we’d originally intended, but that’s what happens when you have hundreds of epic pictures to check through! We grabbed our most artistic minds to analyse all the entries, identify the themes and meanings of each piece and to basically pick out the ones that make everyone go "Ooooh!"

In the end there could be only 10 winners, 10 lucky in-game photographers who will not only see their screenshots put on display on the RuneScape website but will also receive their own piece of signed concept art from our designers! So, without further ado here are our lucky winners:




Im Rubic




Magus Locke



We'll be getting in contact with the winners very soon! In the meantime you can check out their winning screenshots on our official RuneScape Facebook Page!

Mod Crow
Community Team

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