Clan Blog and Clan Celebration Month

Today, we’ve published the second Clan Submissions blog, a semi-regular blog post with content driven by the clan community, for the clan community. There are a number of different things included in each one, such as artwork created by clans for forums and websites, interviews with people from the clan community and reports from the field of battle.

The new issue of the Clan Submissions blog includes an interview with the oldest clan in RuneScape (The Sabres), a report from Josh1319 about ‘The’ Clan’s 10th Birthday Party (which some J-Mods attended), and some fantastic artwork. If you missed the first Clan Submissions blog, check it out here, and let’s not forget the new knowledge base article about clans either.

We’re also proud to announce our first in-game clan festival, with the Clan Celebration Month going ahead in February. Each week during February there will be a series of themed events to capture the different areas within the clan community. We couldn’t capture everything in only four weeks, but with skilling, combat and specialist weeks, and an introduction to clans week, we’ve got a lot of fun ahead of us! If you’re interested in clans, want to explore different areas of the community or are looking for some fun, check out our Clan Celebration Month forum thread to see what events are the right ones for you.

Mod Timbo
Community Management

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