Clan Chat

This week we are pleased to announce the long-awaited release of Clan Chat for RuneScape.

Now, both Members and Free Players can have their very own channel for chatting to friends and talking as a group, and can even assign each other ranks. Players can setup and name their channel and, once up and running, other players can join in the fun. Joining someone's channel is as simple as typing their username in!

Like private chat, Clan Chat works whether you and your friends are on the same game world or all spread across many different worlds.

The new Clan Chat interface can be accessed by clicking on the two smiley faces at the bottom-left of your in-game controls.

To get a proper understanding of the Clan Chat system, we advise you to read the Knowledge Base article here.

You may well notice, in addition to the Clan Chat, that the interfaces have had a tidy up. The dwarves of Keldagrim have produced a fine new tablet in place of the chat scroll, there are more chat filters at the bottom of the screen, and the general controls have been improved, making your day-to-day RuneScaping that much smoother and easier to look at.

In other news...

The King's Ransom music was playing correctly but not turning green when it was unlocked. This has been rectified.

Various items and objects which were previously causing graphical glitches or looking a little bit funny have been adjusted. This includes gems, food and several bits of armour and clothing that were being affected by each other.

The Items Kept on Death interface has been adjusted and should now be clearer as to what you'll keep and lose at that particular moment.

The price of cloth from the sawmill in Varrock has been adjusted so the price doesn't vary. For the last couple of weeks, when buying several pieces, the price was fluctuating more than intended.

Players can no longer get stuck at the end of the Fishing Trawler minigame. Abandon ship!

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