Combat Beta Event: Pest Control

Another weekend, another brilliant Evolution of Combat beta event! This week, the focus is on Pest Control, where the upgraded combat means you’ll have to play with new strategies to ensure your void knight makes it through alive.

Just like the previous events, taking part this weekend counts towards one of the four unlocks required to get your hands on the exclusive Mad Scientist beta tester outfit. For this to count toward your outfit unlocks, you must complete one round of Pest Control on the beta server between 12th and 14th October – whether you win or lose, you must finish the round.

Distributing team members between protecting the void knight and destroying the portals is the best way to succeed, although with all the new combat options there’s likely to be a whole new school of tactics for victory!

Remember, we’re running beta weekends from now through to Monday 29th October 2012 – don’t miss out on getting your Mad Scientist outfit!

See you in the beta!

RuneScape Community Team

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