Combat Beta Event: Slayer!

It's time again to jump into the ever-changing Evolution of Combat beta for another combat-focused weekend event! This week we're looking at the Slayer skill and the changes in slayer task completion that the Evolution of Combat will bring about.

As with the previous events, participation this weekend will count towards one of the four unlocks required for receiving the exclusive Mad Scientist beta tester outfit!

To be eligible for the unlock, you must both receive and complete a slayer task on the beta server this weekend!

Don't forget to try out the new 'Momentum' ability if you're struggling with a particularly long slayer task. This new Constitution ability will increase your auto-attack damage for ten minutes when not using other abilities, allowing for an easier and less intensive way of ploughing through those slayer creatures!

We'll also be running additional Mad Scientist unlock beta weekends from now through to Monday 29th October 2012.

See you in the beta!

RuneScape Community Team

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