Combat Beta Weekend: Barbarian Assault

Is it that time already? Not wishing to break with tradition, we’re happy to announce that all members can access the combat beta worlds again this weekend from 4pm (BST) on Friday 24th August to 10am (BST) on Monday 27th August.

Our developers are super-keen to get your feedback on the Barbarian Assault minigame this weekend, so they’d really appreciate your help in testing it out by playing a game or two and then letting them know what you think via in-game bug reports and forum-based feedback.

While there’s no item unlock this weekend, don’t forget that we’re putting in an additional outfit-unlock weekend in early September, as a catch-up event. So if you missed an item unlock activity previously, you’ll be able to complete the catch-up activity in order to get access to the complete Mad Scientist Outfit. Sweet!

Right, that’s all the information you need for now – it’s time to suit up, fight hard and share your feedback when you’re done. Just log into the official forums here, and then leave us your feedback at QFC: 307-308-1-63959239


The RuneScape Team

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