Community Chronicle - 18/09

In this Community Chronicle, we have a few impressive videos and real-life achievements to show, as well as upcoming events!

Videos and Artwork

The Vyrelord has clearly been busy in real life as well as on RuneScape – earning himself a 120 Woodcutting cape! Or would this be counted as a level 99 Crafting achievement? We’re not sure.

Woodcutting Skillcape

Geese Go Moo has made a jolly parody video of 'I’ve Been Everywhere' - well worth a watch! Bonus points to those who can name every place he visits:

The guys over at Zcapers have started another awesome series known as 'Ready Set Scape', where they compete against each other in various challenges.

The first video, Shopping List Challenge, sees them go head-to-head to win a death talisman from Thorgel. Take a look!


If you’re a Castle Wars person, check out Lord of DG’s Dungeoneering events on September 27th. There’s two Castle Wars events on world 103 that should have your battle adrenaline going!

JMods are always hosting in-game events, typically 3 or 4 per week. To see when you can attend, visit the events forum post. It’s updated weekly and we’d love to see you there!

For example, here's a shot of our wonderful Fishing Trawler experience:

Woodcutting Skillcape
Social Media

Finally, the wonderful guys at Rs Outreach have a Twitter account. Make sure to give them a follow @Rs__Outreach for lots of helpful tips, tricks and more!

If you’d like to see your creations on Community Chronicle – whether it’s artwork, videos, real life achievements or more – make sure to send it over to us at with the title 'Community Chronicle'.

The RuneScape Community Team