Community Chronicle 04/09

In this Community Chronicle, we’re taking a look at what’s been happening in the RuneScape Community in the last couple of weeks – we’re also turning our attention to some upcoming events too.

Fan Sites

RuneScape Wikia are taking on Nex this weekend, be sure to get in on the action at 8PM UK time this Saturday, 6th September. For full details, head over to their events page. Best of luck! Following on from the recent update from the deadly Ninja Team -; Soul Reaper – the team have been working on a guide which will teach you everything you need to know about how to take on the challenge.

Videos & Artwork

Tim Schipper put together this awesome bit of artwork called Guthix's Awakening. He used a screenshot of his character as a starting point to put this together. We love it!

Guthix's Awakening

Visit our Pinterest page if you'd like to see loads more awesome fan art.

Munclesonkey has put together a video of his Top 10 items that every player should unlock! The top 10 starts at 2:50 of this video


If you can’t make it to RuneFest 2014, then Polyvore have you covered! They’ve organised an in-game RuneFest event for anyone to attend. Take a look at the event’s forum thread to find out full details about the event and how it’ll work!

If you’re taking part in Balthazar’s Big Raffle, be sure to claim an additional daily JMod raffle ticket throughout September! You’ll have a number of opportunities each day to get your ticket – check out the forum thread for full details, worlds and times!

Account Security - Your Tips

In the last edition of the Community Chronicle, we asked for your account security tips. We’ve collected just a few of your submissions below.

These are just a few of the many things you can do to keep your account secure, but they’re a great place to start!

Ceneres: To keep your account(s) secure I would recommend every player to create a 'Runescape Email Address.' Use this email address for Runescape only! This makes things easier and clearer. Your email is the source to change things to your account, and therefore, very important.

Aaron: Never use the same password for an important account (i.e. RS or banking account) and the email account that is registered to it.

Death Alter: Always remember to update Java if you need to

Finance: Put two-step verification on your email account. This is extremely important because an intruder can disable the Authenticator and reset your account's password using your account's registered email. Keeping your email safe is just as important as keeping your RuneScape password safe.

ForumScape: Use a mixture of letters and numbers in your password as it will strengthen your password, making it more difficult for it to be cracked.

Maxilicious: Always keep your antivirus up-to-date and schedule regular scans to ensure maximum security and safety.

Jackionn: Be sure to set up a bank PIN. If someone does gain access to your account then your bank PIN will protect your items from being stolen!

All of this great advice will go a long way in securing your account.

Remember that the best form of protection from account hijacking is the Authenticator. To take full advantage of this feature, head over to the Authenticator page or read the wiki article for full details!

To finish off this week’s edition, we thought we’d let you know about our latest initiative on Twitter. We know you love free stuff, so, every Friday is now #FreeStuffFriday on the RuneScape Twitter feed! Every Friday, at 8pm UK time, we’ll be giving away some brilliant RuneScape goodies, from concept art to T-shirts! Tune in to Twitter this Friday for more information.

Best of luck, and see you in the next edition! Don't forget - you can let us know what's going on in your part of the community at You may be featured in a future chronicle!

The RuneScape Community Team