Community Round-Up - 14/11

From this week on, we're putting the Community Round-Up in the hands of the RuneScape community itself. A group of our most passionate players have pulled together this cracking summary of the fortnight's community content, so what're you waiting for? Read on!

The RuneScape Community Team

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the all-new CRU: by the community, for the community! We are a group of creative players who have decided to waste some XP in order to bring you a longer, more detailed Community Round-Up once every second week.

The past few weeks have been mostly focused towards Halloween and RuneFest, which means lots of stuff to show off! There's awesome artwork, fun forum threads, fan site news, and much more - do enjoy!


RuneFest 3 - the best ever real-life RuneScape event - was held on November 2nd. Here are some of the amazing pictures and videos taken during the day:

CRU Fan Art

Falcon zb went to RuneFest this year, and recorded his highlights of the day!

There are still more RuneFest videos and pictures out there. Check out Jagex's RuneFest gallery on Pinterest!

Art and Real-Life Stuff

Reddit user DerpusDraconis is all ready to split some skulls with this awesome real life Bandos Godsword he made. Bandos would be pleased with his work!

CRU Fan Art

Nomad never asked to have his good side captured, but Paulanna did it anyway. Check out this amazing portrait of Nomad.

CRU Fan Art


As Halloween and RuneFest have passed, the video makers out there did their thing to make some amazing video content.

Here is a great collaboration between SirMikkel and RSMurderer. It's a Halloween video, so turn off the lights before you watch!


We've gathered some interesting threads to check out. We're always on the lookout for new content and are open to suggestions!

Most awkward place playing RS?

Playing RuneScape on the train, your roof, or even on a space hopper - it appears lots of us play from some odd places. Where's your most awkward place to play?

Town Square Q&A

Veterans and newbies alike gather together at the town square each week to hang out, answer questions and have fun. Everyone is welcome to attend.

How many seconds have you played?

The general consensus is way over 9000, but where do you stand in the time rankings?

Fan Sites

RuneScape fan sites are fountains of information and things to do! Here’s a selection of some of the content you can enjoy from them this week:

Do you have a knack for creative writing? Have you always wanted to have your talents shown to the world? Do you want free RuneScape membership? If you've answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then you should enter into the Tip.It 'Finish the Fictional' competition!

For more information, see this Tip.It thread.

There's also a new, working RS3 max hit calculator for each combat style: magic, melee, and ranged! It can be found in the Special Calcs section of the Tip.It website. Enjoy these latest additions -'s max hit calculators have always been really popular, and this is a great addition!


As always, the RuneHQ Events Team have been working hard to provide entertaining events for the Runescape community. This week, they're hosting a wide variety of minigame and skilling events.

For those who you who enjoy those capture the flag games, or perhaps those who are working hard on that trim requirement, RuneHQ are hosting Castle Wars games from 11pm GMT onwards on Friday 15th November.

Perhaps you're more of the skilling type - fear not! There are also group skilling events at the Runespan, as well as a Fletching event to coincide with an upcoming forum competition!

For more information, please visit visit the Official RuneHQ Events thread.

That concludes this Community Round-Up. It's been an amazing few weeks to cover, and no doubt the next one will be just as amazing. We have some cool ideas to add in, such as shout-outs to your friends, competitions and maybe some of your suggestions, which you can give on the forums. Soon, we'll set up a way for you to contribute content to us too! But until then, catch you later!

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