Community Round-Up & Players’ Gallery Results 02/05


Pirates, Dwarves or Gnomes? We’ll be announcing the winners on Friday 3rd May, so get those votes in while you still can to choose which quest chain you want to see continued next! Find out more in the video below.

Fan Sites

This Thursday at 9pm BST (3pm EST) RuneZone’s RuneRadio podcast will be chatting with our very own lore masters: Mod Osborne, Mod Ana and Mod Ollo! They will be discussing the lore surrounding The World Wakes, as well as answering plenty of story-related questions submitted by the community. Fans of RuneScape lore definitely won’t want to miss this!

Here is last week’s show for you to check out:

Community Video

ZantFalCie sent us some great remixes of classic RuneScape tracks. If you’ve visited the Chaos Tunnels, chances are you’ll recognise this one:

Meanwhile, RZriddle presents a new pun-filled machinima entitled The Translator. How many can you spot?

Fan Art

We have some fantastic artwork and creations for you this week.

First up, Evilcoen13 has recreated the Al Kharid gate in LEGO! To check out the full gallery, click here.

Al Kharid LEGO Fan Art

Reeves123 has been training his concept art skill and sent in this fantastically atmospheric rendition of a swamp. I wonder what sort of sinister creatures lurk in the fog…

Swamp Fan Art

Brazilian player Marshmallouw sent us this fun picture of her character and friends from the Brazilian Portuguese community. Muito obrigado por enviar o seu desenho, Marshmallouw!

BR Community Fan Art

That’s all for this week, please post your feedback on the discussion thread below to let us know what you think and continue to send in your creations and submissions to us here at the Community Team!

Have a great week!

Mod Seven and the RuneScape Community Team

Players' Gallery 44

Here at Jagex, we often wonder what our beloved characters do in their free time. Turns out that giants like to play with toy soldiers, Kril takes out his pony collection whenever Zamorak looks away and Zilyana is a pro beach volleyball player!

Once again, you guys have proved that the RuneScape community is full of talented artists with wonderful senses of humour. If you’d like to laugh and giggle as we did, don’t hesitate and head on over to our gallery page where you can find all the best entries from this month. Here are the ones that made us laugh the most:


The concept art print signed by our artists accompanied with 500 RuneCoins and feedback on their entry goes to Marikdebie for their fantastic illustration of a chess game between Saradomin and Zamorak. Looks like table flip is inevitable!

Gallery 44 Winner


Two honourable mentions and 200 RuneCoins each to spend on some fancy stuff in-game go to Zepertix’s wonderful watercolour painting titled Score One for Mr. Mordaut...

Gallery 44 Runner Up 1

...and Spiffy’s New Friend by SpiffingGent.

Gallery 44 Runner Up 2

Congratulations to all who made it to the Players’ Gallery and a special thank you to everyone who decided to join!

We’ll be announcing the new Players’ Gallery very soon, so keep your eyes on the website! Meanwhile you can join our deviantART group and get to know the artists. Don’t forget to tweet your suggestions, ideas and burning questions with the hashtag #RSart.

Mod Phoenix & RuneScape Community Team

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