Community Round-Up 04/07 & Players' Gallery 46 Results


There’s Trouble Brewing in this month’s Multi-clan event! If you’re a clan leader you should definitely check out Debonnys’s thread to see how you and your clan can get involved this weekend (6th July).

If you fancy testing your mettle in the Wilderness, RuneZone are running a Wilderness Smackdown event on Sunday July 14th. Check out their thread for all the details.

Fan site News

Last week we mentioned the Rune Hints community competition, and we can announce that the prize was won by Starryhunt. Congratulations! They will be running the competition again for July, so if you fancy a shot at winning 90 days of RuneScape membership, head on over to the RuneHints forum and join in.

Community Videos

TheSirMikkel is back with this year’s summer blockbuster Elysium – RuneScape style!

Rswillmissit takes part in a custom Hunger Games-style event in the TzHaar Fight Pits. Would you fight or hide? Have you tried out any player-created game modes like this?

We recently added seven new lodestones to the game. If you’d like to know where they are and how to find them, why not check out this video by TheRuneVortex which will give you all the details?

Fan Art

A cheerful spirit tree in autumnal hues, painted by SuperDalibor.

 CRU Fan Art SuperDalibor

Deviationanonymous has put his real-life blacksmithing skills to the test and crafted this awesome set of dragon plate armour!

CRU 0407_Fan_art_Deviationanonymous

And while we’re on the subject of fan art, here’s a word from Mod Phoenix announcing the winners of last month’s Players’ Gallery.

Players’ Gallery 46: Gielinor Needs You! – Results

First came emissaries to spread the word. Now the RuneScape community's talented artists are fighting for those who haven’t yet pledged their allegiance. If choosing your side was difficult before now, it will be almost impossible. Brace yourselves - the campaign posters are coming!


Be wary of Halfingr’s artistic skills! His wicked poster, named Be Wary, is our undisputed winner of this Players’ Gallery. Congratulations!

 Players Gallery 46 Winner


We would like to highlight at least 10 more campaign posters because they are just so good, but - sticking to the rules - we will mention only 2 more entries that made it to the top of our list. One of them is Say No to Ogrecide by Teezkut. Excellent design, nice colours, punchy line. That’s how we like it!

 Players Gallery 46 Runner Up 1

The other one that touched our hearts and thus made it onto the Community Team wall is Stead’s poster We Are Godless, recruiting those who are through with all the deities.

 Players Gallery 46 Runner Up 2

You can check out all the other amazing entries that made it in on our Players' Gallery page. Congratulations to all who made it, and a special thank you to everyone who took part!

Mod Phoenix

That’s it for this week. I hope you enjoyed the round-up. We’ll be back next week with plenty more awesome news and creations from around the community. Until then, go and have a go at taking down Vorago!

(I’m sure you’ll be fine…)

Mod Seven (@JagexSeven) and the RuneScape Community Team

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