Community Round-Up 06/02


As Sinkholes surface in Gielinor adventurers across the globe are heading down into the depths of Daemonheim to reap rewards. We're celebrating this with a Dungeoneering XP tracking contest! It doesn't matter whether you gain XP via traditional Dungeoneering floors or from the lamps received in a Sinkhole - there's prizes on offer for the most XP gained so you won't want to hang around! You can sign-up for the contest here.

Fansite News

Continuing last week's new fansite trend, ChromeRune has opened its doors! A new fansite specialising in guides, reviews and community, ChromeRune certainly looks like one to watch!

It's a busy month for the community over at Tip.It as they host weekly events throughout February. Taking down Hati, the King Black Dragon and the Zamorak God Wars bosses – there's something for every combat fanatic to get involved with.

Prefer your RuneScape news in a bitesized format? RuneZone have you covered in their new video video feature – RuneScape Round-Up! Spanning over just two short minutes, it'll provide you with all of the weekly RuneScape news you'll need!

Community Support Videos

We've been gathering community-created support videos over on our Official Jagex Support YouTube channel and have compiled a list of our favourites which you can check out here. Ranging from account security tips to contacting support – there's sure to be something you'll find interesting!

Community Creations

DeviantART user Valhelsing2 strikes again with yet another incredible piece of art, this time focusing on one of Bandos' most loyal followers, General Graardor!

General Graardor

Veteran video maker WillMissIt takes a first look at Sinkholes and provides you with some great tips on playing this new Dungeoneering D&D!

If you want to see your RuneScape creations featured in the weekly Community Round-Up, send it over to us at!

That's all for this week's Community Round-Up! We'll see you again next week – don't forget to plunder those Sinkholes!

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