Community Round-Up: 11/10/2012

Darkness falls across the land... It's Community Round-up time!

Halloween Examine Competition Winners

Last time, we gave you all a pretty amazing opportunity to get your idea into game. Our Hallowe'en content this year pits the forces of good and evil against one another, with each ideal represented by an NPC. We wanted you to come up with the ‘examine’ option for each, and you didn’t disappoint! The winners are:

Infernal Invader: “Feeds from the souls of examining travellers” by World Of.
Holy Defender:“Not dropped by Cyclopes” by Ms Hollyhock.

Well done, guys. Everyone will be able to see the winning entries in-game later this month!

KBD Event

The King Black Dragon has been given an overhaul and looks more fearsome than ever. If you want to prove to your fellow adventurers that you’re not a dragon-fearing sissy (or even if you just want to check out the revitalised lair and improved drops) then meet up on members' worlds in the area between the Edgeville Lodestone and the bank, on the hour, any hour.

J Mods, Player Mods and maxed players will be taking part and we want your screenshots! Email them to us at with the subject ‘All Hail the King’ and we’ll upload our favourites to the RuneScape Facebook page next week!

If that’s not enough, we’re running a competition too! We want you to guess how many player deaths the lair will be responsible for over the weekend (that’s midnight Friday 12th October to midnight Sunday 14th October GMT) and post your answer on the official thread. The person who guesses closest to the total (without going over!) will win 20 spins on the Squeal of Fortune. Good luck!

You can find full details of how to take part by clicking here.

Halloween Lyric Competition

Do you fancy yourself a budding lyricist? Can you convey the most complex of emotions in just a sentence? If your answer is yes, we want you to enter our Halloween lyric competition. If your answer is no, we still want you to enter our Halloween lyric competition.

Everyone loves the song Thriller – I mean everyone – so we want you to re-write the first verse and put a RuneScape spin on it.

Full details can be found here.

Festival of the Dead Event Pics

Last weekend’s Festival of the Dead event was a big hit, and we received a stack of screenshots from you all. These pictures have gone up on our Facebook for those who missed out, or just want to re-live the experience. Thanks to everybody who turned up and submitted screenshots!

Player Fanart

The life of a male Jadinko is pretty simple, which is probably why they always have a smile on their faces. We’ve been admiring this rendition for some time now, by artist extraordinaire jal-oak.

If you'd like to see your fanart featured in the weekly Community Round-Up, send it over to us at

That’s your lot for this week’s Community Round-Up. Be excellent to one another, and be back here this time next week. If you have to pick between the two, just be back here.

The RuneScape Community Team

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