Community Round-Up 13/06

Campfire Questions - Answered!

Yesterday evening, members of the RuneScape 3 management team hit the forums to answer more of your RS3 related questions in a Campfire Q&A session. They received loads of great questions, and you can check out their responses in our Campfire – Answers thread!


This Friday (June 14th) our P Mod team will be celebrating their 9th anniversary, and they invite you to join them for some events on that very special day! Events will be taking place on the 14th, 15th and 16th of June and you can read the details on this forum thread.

Happy birthday guys and gals!

RuneHQ will be heading to Nex’s icy prison in search of powerful gear in their Godwars Finale - Nex event. Those wishing to take part should head over to the event thread, and make sure you check out the video there if you’re unfamiliar with the fight!

Community Videos

Do you even lift? His Lordship from The Wilderness Guardians certainly does, and he’s created this fantastic RuneScape-inspired workout! I love how he combined loads of different RuneScape skills and activities into this easy-to-remember routine. I’ll definitely use it to train my fitness skill!

TheRuneVortex have released a new video in which they outline the new Triskelion Treasures D&D. Would-be treasure hunters looking for some insight into this new update should definitely check it out.

Fan Art

Who needs Photoshop? Sen has created this fantastic rendition of the Trimmed Completionist Cape Dragon entirely in MS Paint!

CRU Fan Art

And we’ll leave you with some sage advice from the RuneScape DeviantArt community member, murder-pete666:

CRU Fan Art

I hope you enjoyed this week’s round-up, let us know what you think on our forums and keep sending in those submissions at!

Have fun and we’ll see you next week.

Mod Seven (@JagexSeven) and the RuneScape Community Team

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