Community Round-Up: 20/09/2012

Live Streams

We’re drawing ever closer to the weekend, which means a step closer to the Live Stream Q&A at 9pm BST on Sunday 23 September! This week, we discuss the Evolution of Combat and will be taking questions from you - the community - to put to Mod MMG and Mod Mark.

We’ll be taking questions from you through the RuneScape official forums, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Google+ so be sure to submit your questions for the Q&A.

Fansite Events

RuneSlayer have a running Free Stuff Friday prize entry to make your weekend start out with a spring in its step. So while you’re sending out #FF tweets and instagram photos, why not enter their competition too? More info Here.

This Saturday 22nd September at 2:59pm BST, are holding a Godwars Dungeon Coinshare event for Commander Zilyana and her minions! Don your armour, sharpen your blades, check your bowstrings, and meet the guys and girls at for a fun-filled event! More info here!

Do you find Sundays to be slow and uneventful? RuneZone are here to help you fill in the gap before the live stream with a Barrows Event, which conveniently will end before the RuneScape live stream! If you’re interested and want to get involved in this, check out their thread here!

Pirate Event

'twas the Seven Seas "Yap Like a Buccaneer" day on the 19th September, and t' celebrate this we 'ave our Mods... *cough* Captains... hostin' events for ye durin' the weekend. Grab yer cutlass and pistol, and get huntin'! Read - if ye scallywags can - on the forums ‘ere.

Fan Submissions

We’ve uploaded last month’s Players’ Gallery competition, “Sizzling Summer,” which you can view now on our Players’ Gallery 36 section the wiki. We also have a new Gallery competition called Outlandish Skills which is open for entries! Entry details, rules, and the premise of the current Players’ Gallery theme can be found on this thread.

As an added bonus, here’s last month’s winning entry from Marco!

See you next week!

The RuneScape Community Team

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