Community Round-Up 24/01

Hati and Skoll Hunts

Still need to take down Hati and Sköll? Don’t worry – we’re here to help! With a handful of JMod- led Hati and Sköll hunts this weekend, you’ll have no problem getting your bonus XP-granting gear. Don’t forget to bring some armour though – these wolves have quite the bite! Head on over to the forums to find out more about our Hati Hunts.

Fansite News

RuneZone are back and bigger than ever with The Party of the Year 2013. You can expect drop parties, radio entertainment and much more in their party on Saturday 26th January – start the year with a bang and get along, because you won’t want to miss out! Find out more here.

It doesn’t end there, though, as RuneZone continue the fun with their brand-new radio show, RuneTalk. For one hour each week, they’ll be talking about the latest RuneScape updates, quizzing you - the listener - and much more! You can find out more and tune in over on the RuneZone website.

Community Creations

Professional hunter Sensei Lite’s friend Lisa clearly knows how to catch their prey with this impressively handmade Impling in a Jar! Great work!

CRU impling jar

Check out Lauren’s fan art of her character in the Living Rock Caverns; she’s taken a break from Fishing and Mining to pose for a picture! We love it - keep them coming!

CRU Living Rock Fanart

One of our favourite YouTubers, RSWillMissIt, has launched a new web series ‘The Walking Noobs- Episode 1: Falling Rocks’. So please don’t be shy to like and subscribe to his channel, and be among the first to see episode 2!

If you want to see your RuneScape creations featured in the weekly Community Round-Up, send it over to us at!

That’s all for this week’s Community Round-Up. For those of you ticking off the new Desert Tasks, don’t forget to stay in the shade!

The RuneScape Community Team

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