Community Round-Up 30/01

Demon Flash Mobs!

Demons have invaded Gielinor but fear not as JMods join the battle this weekend to help you vanquish these beasts and send them back from whence they came! You'll want to bring your best demon slaying garbs, head on over to the forums and join Mod Edu, Mod Sabre and Mod Phoenix this weekend to get involved!

Fansite News

Tip.It's Clan Chronicle is back this week; featuring an interview with Mod Mike, Mod Maz and Mod Chris L on the future of clans and tips for forming your own clan ľ it's definitely worth a read!

Often forget to mine your Red Sandstone or buy your battle staves?'s helpful daily and weekly activities guide will help you with all of your recurring RuneScape tasks!

It's a new year and with that heralds the launch of a new RuneScape fansite: Gielinor Events! Focusing on the RuneScape community and its events, we can't wait to watch them grow!

Community Creations

You'll want to click and zoom in to really appreciate the beauty of this week's community creation: an incredible collage of High Level Forum members created by Cape Licker!

Taking over four hundred hours to create, this masterpiece is one of the biggest pieces of RuneScape fan art we've ever seen! You can find out more about its conception in this video.

RuneScape Maxed Out Groupies by l3nbak

Click for a larger version.

The full-quality, huge version (over 12700px wide) can be downloaded from here.

Step into ThePreztle's musical masterpiece and observe one blundering adventurer's unlikely encounter with Lucien himself in this great RuneScape music video.

If you want to see your RuneScape creations featured in the weekly Community Round-Up, send it over to us at!

That's all for this week ľ we're off to slay some demons! Have a great week and we'll see you in February!

The RuneScape Community Team

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