Community Showcase - October 2023

Community Showcase - October 2023

Welcome back to another Community Showcase chock-a-block with your fantastic artwork, letters and achievements!

Remember, if you’re looking for news on our latest updates and sneak peeks at next month’s content, you’re looking for the Gielinor Gazette, which you can find at the link below.

And of course, if you’d like to submit your own work to the Community Showcase, you can do so using the survey linked below!

Now then, to kick things off, Postie Pete has got some letters for us!

Postbag From The Hedge

‘Ello everyone! Winter is here and I for one am excited to get cosy by the fire after a long day of delivering mail – cold no good for the bones! Well let's heat up a bit, because today’s first letter took me all the way to the Kharidian Desert… let’s have a look!

To Aristarchus,

How are things in Pollnivneach? Like you, I've been travelling around the desert in search of knowledge. I've recently uncovered some amazing things in the Necropolis, but the Devourer and her thralls have desecrated the place; I'm sure you'd be interested in visiting whenever it’s safe. I've also met one of your colleagues, Akila, who has remained there as a helpful spirit, aiding those seeking to lessen the Devourer's influence here.

I've also found something amazing in the desert's eastern coast; an ancient vault, with faint magical energy emanating from the door. I can't seem to find a way to open it, but I have a feeling the answers will come to me very soon...

The last thing that piqued my interest is somewhere closer than you'd think; Al-Kharid has many of these glyphs, covered in weird-looking little squiggles and pictures. They are also prominent as decorations in the upper floors of the Emir's Palace.

Might you know what they mean or represent? I believe it to be an ancient form of the Kharidian language, but there are no translations accessible to me currently. The Pharaoh did recently announce his plans to end the quarantine in Menaphos, so perhaps the Great Library there may have one?

Safe travels,


Greetings, Spineweilder!

I’m glad to hear you’ve had the chance to explore more of my wonderful home, although I’m disconcerted to hear that you’ve fallen foul of the Devourer. Hopefully this letter means you’re still in one piece!

A shame to hear about poor Akila. He made the most amazing Ambrosia. Still, I like to imagine he’s very happy in his new role. He always was the most kind and helpful of my colleagues!

Squiggles and pictures, you say? That sounds a lot like the written language of the gods, which they brought with them when they arrived here long ago. They say it was given to them by an even older society from a far away land… perhaps they even had gods of their own.

As for what it says, I’d be happy to translate if I only had access to my books back in Menaphos. Short-sighted of me to leave them – but then again, Magic Carpets only have so much room for luggage. Perhaps when the city reopens I’ll be of more help to you.

Until then,


Dear Old Man Gricoller,

I hope this letter finds you well!

First, I'd like to thank you again for this lovely hat you gave me. It helps keep the sun out of my eyes on the farm, sure, but it also looks nice when out on the town!

Speaking of the town, I went to the local pub recently and I had the honor of being served by your granddaughter Golova. The food was great and all, but I did hear a bit of worrying news. She had apparently recently fired one of her sisters, something about bringing in a bad crowd- I'm ashamed to admit I did a bit of snooping and discovered it has something to do with Bologa's views on Zamorak.

I'm not very picky when it comes to divine intervention, but I was wondering what your views were on the whole thing?

Also, it's been bugging me for a while now, though I'm usually too tired to ask after a long day of honest work in the fields- are the fruits your farm specializes in named after your granddaughters, or are they named after the fruits?

Good harvests,

Harper Tress

Hello Harper Tress,

I’m glad to see someone getting use out of that tired old hat. I tell you what, it looks lovelier on you than it did on my old head!

Ah yes, Bologa. She’s always been a funny one. I’d heard that she and Golova had fallen out but didn’t realise it was over all this Zamorak stuff. I’d have a word, but Bologa’s so independent. I reckon she’ll have saved up for that house in Arceuus she’s been after soon, and then it’ll all be water under the bridge anyhow.

At the end of the day, I don’t care what those girls are worshipping, as long as it makes them happy. When you get to my age you realise life’s too short to be arguing over who’s praying what. And besides, Bologa’s blessings are doing wonders for my plants!

As for your last question, the fruits are named after my granddaughters. They were all born around the time of my first successful harvest – and just like my plants, I knew they’d grow up to make me proud.

I’ll stop rambling on now. Do call in at the Tithe Farm next time you’re visiting Hosidius. This old man can always use your help!

Farmer Gricoller

Dear Venenatis,

I have been spending a lot of time in the Wilderness lately looking for Mossy Keys. During my stay in Ferox Enclave I heard that you moved into a cave some time ago. Since you have had some time to get used to your new home, I was curious how it compared to your old home on the plains? I assume the cave is warmer and cosier, but don’t you ever miss the fresh breeze or being able to look up at the stars at night? Other than that, how are your neighbours? I also heard a large skeleton called Vet’ion and a bear named Callisto moved into the caves nearby. They appear to be quite noisy as they both shout and roar a lot. Speaking of the other inhabitants of the Wilderness, another large spider called Spindel moved into a cave further to the south, do you know her? She does look a bit like you, although not quite as large and powerful. Anyhow, I wish you the best of luck with settling into your new home and hope that you do not get any unwanted visitors hoping to find rings and other valuables.

With kind regards,

Spy Hugo

Greetings, Spy Hugo.

So, word of my new abode has reached you humans, has it? I was wondering why I had so many more visitors lately… it’s a good job this lair came with a bigger pantry.

Ah, yes, my new home is delightfully warm and cosy. It’s just the right place for my little ones and I to settle in and… multiply. Much easier to decorate, too. Although the neighbours are a little noisy, they’re always willing to share. That Vet’ion fellow does tell good jokes!

Oh, you’ve met my little Spindel! She was one of the strongest in her brood. I’m glad to hear she’s found her own little home out there in the Wilderness. May she and her young thrive, just as her siblings do.

Huhu… my little ones and I always welcome visitors. Perhaps you’d like to call in for dinner? We’re ever so hungry…

All my love,


Dear Ba-Ba, Kephri, Zebak, Akkha, and the Wardens,

Hello, all of you!

I hope your days have been better since my colleagues and I evicted Amascut from Jaltevas. I apologize for the rather blunt approach we took, but we are warriors, not healers.

How are you faring? Have Amascut's curses waned after your defeat and her departure? I was hoping each of you had the presence of mind to answer a question for me.

Kephri, what's that thing floating over your head and how do you keep it there?

Ba-Ba, where do you and your children get your bananas? There don't seem to be any banana trees in the desert and there isn't much light or water in the Tombs...

Zebak, what's your favorite food? I'm assuming it isn't jars or stones given how many of those you spit out. Can I bring you some next time I swing by?

Akkha, what are those white orbs that you summon when we spar, and how do you make so many? You don't strike me as much of a mage.

Lastly, for the Wardens - if you two were to fight each other, who would win?

Dear Stranger,

I’m afraid your intended recipients are still not quite themselves. Your… unorthodox methods and the Devourer’s actions have left them in quite the state, ah, spiritually, and while they’re certainly feeling more like themselves again, they’re not, precisely… alive.

As I have one foot in the underworld myself, however, I’m happy to translate their responses for you!

Kephri tells me that object is the heirloom crest of her people, from the days when the gods walked the earth. I suppose it contains some magical power which allows it to float like that. Fascinating!

I know the answer to this one – the Devourer promised Ba-Ba and her children infinite food as part of her dark bargain. Strangely, this appears to have been a genuine promise! Back when I was alive, I used to see crates full of bananas appear, as if by magic, in the tombs! The crates were addressed to some fellow named Wydin in Port Sarim. He must be wondering where his order’s gotten to…

Oh, how surprising! Zebak tells me his favourite food is Kebab. My mistake, he said ‘kebob’. Oh, no! He means his favourite food is ‘kill Bob’! I suppose that must be the name of some unfortunate adventurer from the distant past. Regardless, he’s quite vehemently telling me that he doesn’t want any more jars or stones. And, er, he says that if you could bring an adventurer without the ‘crunchy shell’ next time, that would be much appreciated. Oh dear, oh dear…

Akkha says: “I, Akkha of Al Kharid, will answer your call! The long years of my imprisonment at the hands of the Devourer – curses upon her name! – left me with many terrible memories. When I felt the thrill of battle once more, and embodied the strength of Het, I shed these memories as the asp wriggles free from the weight of its sloughed skin. I thank you, powerful stranger, for allowing me to shed this great burden. In addition, I sincerely apologise for the number of memories which hit you in the face. Although it was quite funny.”

I’m afraid I’m not able to answer your question to the Wardens – as soon as I read it aloud to them, they started crying and had to go for a cuddle. I think the answer might be that they’d never dream of fighting one another in the first place. It’s sweet, really! If a little codependent.

Well, stranger, I hope that answers your questions. Do get in touch if you have more. I’m always happy to help!

Your spirit friend, Akila

Players Perspective...

What is your favourite Quest Line in Old School?


Personally? I always love a good ‘one-off’ quest. Something relatively simple that doesn't have a ton of bearing on other quests. But if I had to choose one singular best quest? Making Friends with My Arm. Absolutely. Any quests that heavily feature comedy are just a great time.


One Small Favour! That quest has a big line to follow all around Gielinor, TWICE! You traverse at least 4 kingdoms and meet all sorts of characters, what more could you want? Err, that was the kind of ‘line’ you were asking about, right?


The vampyre/Myreque storyline is extremely well done. The vampyres are mysterious and menacing; the Myreque are pathetically weak but trying desperately to free themselves from a seemingly hopeless situation. I love Safalaan and Veliaf’s development and the twists that come in each quest. A Taste of Hope’s ironic twist really impressed me so much that I even explained it to my wife. I can't wait to see what is coming with Lowerniel Drakan and the Nylocas! It's going to be huge when we get there.

Serpent Lady

The Elf Storyline! Although there are undeniably some rough parts with long, sadistic dungeons and incredibly complex puzzles, it sets the stage for an incredible story filled to the brim with deep lore, memorable environments and great characters, concluding with an epic finale that ties it all together beautifully.

Wolf Dilemma

My favorite quest line is the Dorgeshuun Story. It offers pretty much everything you want from an interesting plot: despicable villains with clear motives, great characters and unique features found nowhere else - for example, tag-team stealth action with a badass cave goblin. Everything about this story feels unique and nostalgic at the same time. We all saw those players in H.A.M. robes rocking the Bone Spear in free-to-play worlds back in the day. Right?


Penguins! They're fun and quirky and deadly serious, what more could you want?


The elven questline is my favourite because you can see how the ‘simple’ arrest/kidnapping of a woman in the prison city of West Ardougne turns into a journey with crazy chemists, good kings, bad kings, crazy squires, crazy witches, ‘Zamorak's sons’, ‘good’ elves, ‘bad’ elves, roving elves, sick sheep, sick people, nasty shadows, nasty obstacles, deathly lists (for Irons), deathly talismans, two revolutions, a king reborn, more obstacles, a great battle and finally a goddess. I'll wait for you in Prifddinas!

Next month's question will be: Where is your favourite area in Old School? Make sure to submit your entries by clicking the survey below!

Creation Station

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Video Highlights

Port Khazard is up first with their submission to Aatykon's Awakened Challenge, managing to secure themselves 22 Awakened Leviathan kills with just one inventory... super impressive!

If you can't see the video above, you can find it directly here.

Wanted to try PvM but you're not sure where to start? NoLeather has a great video going over the top 10 things you need to know when getting into PvM.

If you can't see the video above, you can find it directly here.

Framed is back with another PvP-centric video that increases the risks already associated with the riskiest area in the game. He's created a HCIM in order to spend two weeks at the Revenant Caves trying to hunt the rarest items there. Now that’s scary!

If you can't see the video above, you can find it directly here.

Continuing their Xtreme Onechunk Ironman series is Limpwurt. In episode 33 you'll see them take on Hill Giants, kill the Giant Mole and plant some not-so Giant Trees.!

If you can't see the video above, you can find it directly here.

Originally playing over on RuneScape, Kritya RS has started his Old School journey and thought it was time to take his Building a Main series into the classic version of Gielinor!

If you can't see the video above, you can find it directly here.

Finally, Hanannie is taking on Free-to-Play but in the most chaotic way possible... playing 88 Hardcore Ironmen at once, with the goal of having as many of them as possible survive to complete Dragon Slayer.

If you can't see the video above, you can find it directly here.

Community Achievements

Let's start off with a massive achievement for an account always close to Death's Office as Shayzz has become the 3rd Hardcore Ironman to complete the Grandmaster Combat Achievements! Big GZ!

We can't miss over October without giving a huge shoutout to OnlyTrails and his community who for the third year in a row, managed to raise over $1,000 for Gamers Outreach. Well done to you all!

Next up, we've got regular mad lad Cull TheMeek who has not only completed the Inferno on Mobile (a feat in itself) but did it all using only melee weapons. No words, just pride.

We want to say a big congrats to the partner of RyukzReign whose Old School Journey has started this year! Very well done on your adventure so far. We’re proud of you!

We aren't sure who needs a banana so desperately but after 7,368 hours a player has purchased JayBayer's peelable fruit for a whopping 1 million GP. Bananas usually sell for about 91 GP, so this is an absolutely whopping profit. Now that’s bananas!

We've also got Charming_Market_8555 who managed to bag themselves an Archers Ring for only 10k. What a bargain!

Finally, after apparently 28 years Musefan8959 finally achieved their Fire Cape by defeating the mighty Jad! Maybe it just felt like 28 years?


That's your lot! We'd love to hear your feedback on the newest edition and, as with everything else, if you’ve got any ideas about the sorts of things you’d like to see in upcoming editions of the Gielinor Gazette, then please do let us know via our official forums, on the 2007Scape subreddit, the Steam forums, or the community-led OSRS Discord. For reference on any of the above content, check out the official Old School Wiki.

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