Comp Cape Design update

Comp Cape Design update

Hello all,

We've heard your feedback and updated the current live design. -

As a TL:DR here's what we've changed:

You've shown your passion and appreciation for the current appearances of Max, Quest and Master Quest capes. We're keeping their appearances in game, with the following tweaks to the overall design.

  • The Max Cape and Skill T1 cape will be separate capes. The max cape is staying as it currently is. Visually we're not changing it and it'll still be re-colourable. The skills T1 cape requirements may have things outside the remit of just having 99 stats.
  • The Quest and Master Quest cape appearances are staying in-game. We'll either:
  • Bring them into the new system so they'll become the Lore T1 & Lore T3 capes (Although they'll probably keep their current names)
  • Or we'll make NEW Lore T1,T2 & T3 capes and if you've unlocked the T1/T3 Lore capes you'll unlock the current visuals of the Quest / Master Quest capes as cosmetic overrides.
  • You've shown us that having stats on any of the T1 achievements is too different from and too lenient in comparison to how Comp currently is.

  • As a result we're also tweaking the T1 benefits. The passive stats will only exist on the Combat T1 cape (Or be split between T1 and T2 depending where certain boss requirements sit). We're also looking to add some form of benefit for the Skills T1 & Lore T1 capes.
  • We love your feedback and will continue to shape this update with you. If you like, dislike, worry about or have an idea or opinion on anything here, please tell us.

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  • Mod Tomb and the 4Direction Team

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