Competition Time!

Competition Time!

Over the next few weeks we are going to be holding two competitions: one to name the snake boss and one to design the log in screen for Christmas.

Snake boss name competition

We have the snake boss planned for release in early January 2015 and we still do not have a name. We are inviting you to send your best snake boss name suggestions to for a chance to see your name used for the boss. In addition to having the snake boss use your name, we will also name an NPC in the new, snake boss area after you.

To enter the snake boss name competition please send the following to

  • Include "snake boss name" in the subject of your email
  • Your snake boss name suggestion(s)
  • Your RuneScape display name

The deadline for snake boss name submissions is Monday 15th December. We will select some of the best from all of the names submitted and will be polling the top 5 to decide the winner.

Before entering, please read the terms & conditions.

Christmas log in screen competition

There are some incredibly talented people in the Old School community and we want to see what they can do. We are going to be giving the artists of Old School the chance to design the Christmas log in screen.

The Old School log in screen works by taking this image and mirroring it. The buttons and flames are then added on top. For this competition we will not be able to change anything more than the background image so please keep this in mind when creating your design.

Submissions should be sent to and must:

  • Include "log in screen" in the subject of the email
  • Have your design attached as a PNG
  • Include your RuneScape display name in the body of the email

The deadline for the log in screen competition is Monday 15th December. The winner will be selected and will be announced with the game update on December 18th.

Before entering, please read the terms & conditions.

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