Competition Updates

Here’s a quick update on a couple of recent competitions.

$10,000 Giveaway: January Prize Draw

With January’s $10,000 prize draw having now been drawn, ten lucky winners have been selected and messages are currently waiting for them in their message inboxes. If you’ve not checked your inbox over the weekend, do so now – you might be a $1,000 richer!

The ten lucky winners now have seven days to check their inbox and claim their prize. Tick-tock!

There are eleven more prize draws to go, so don’t worry if you haven’t won this month, just make sure to check your message inbox at least once a week.

For more information on the $10,000 giveaway for each month of 2011, click here.

Free Trade Competition

On Friday, we told you that in the first few days since the return of the Wilderness, we’d seen an enormous 47 trillion gold coins change hands in trades and lost in PvP fights. We were so amazed by that staggering number that we asked you to guess the total value of trade from this past weekend.

The results were still impressively large, totalling up to a whopping 26 trillion gold coins (26,096,459,160,643 to be precise) changing hands in just two days. More than 4000 of you took a stab at guessing the total and, while a handful of you were very close, Feeriix was the closest.

Congratulations, Feeriix, a Wilderness t-shirt signed by the RuneScape Content team will be heading your way very shortly!

RuneScape Community Managment

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