Concerning imps and other things...


It would, of course, be improper to leave out the other important updates for this week. As if the Hunter skill weren't impressive enough! That's right, the imps have had their impending makeover early, as a special treat for the impudent little blighters. Little do they know that weeks of being imprisoned in magical boxes lie ahead of them.

Fairy rings

Keen-eyed adventurers may find two new fairy rings that can transport them to two of the more remote Hunter training areas. The codes to access these rings will be published in our Knowledge Base in a few days - we're not doing all the work for you!

A message from Juna

Juna, the ancient snake who guards the Tears of Guthix, wishes it to be known that Guthix, in his wisdom, will not award Hunter XP to adventurers who drink his tears so soon after this skill is released. Anyone who would normally expect to gain Hunter XP as their reward will instead receive the bonus in their second-lowest stat.

When Guthix removes this restriction in early December, it will be announced in a news post.

In other news...

Certain random events that give costumes as rewards will no longer hand out items that players already have stored in their houses' costume rooms.

The attack animations of metallic dragons have been adjusted to fix the glitch that made their chests stretch incorrectly when they attempted to breathe fire.

You can no longer turn yourself into a rock or an egg while trying to pump or pedal the Blast Furnace!

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