Concerns Regarding Character Linking

Concerns Regarding Character Linking

We were made aware of an issue that allowed players' characters to be targeted via Steam and Amazon account linking through malicious links shared on social media. This issue occurs at the RuneScape character level and is not related to Jagex Accounts. As a purely precautionary measure, in the interest of account security, we have temporarily disabled the ability for players to link their RuneScape characters with Steam and Amazon until further notice.

Whilst we donít have any evidence to suggest this has impacted a large number of players, the team are currently working to identify any accounts that have been impacted by this. We intend to reach out to individuals directly, meaning you should not need to contact us. We are also exploring the options available to us to return any items that may have been lost because of this.

Once we are confident that appropriate mitigation steps are in place to prevent this from happening in the future, we will re-enable this feature.

RuneScape characters that are currently linked to Steam are still able to log into the game. If you are unsure which third-party services your account is linked to, or if you would like to unlink your account from any third-party services, you can find more information here: unlink third-party account.

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