The long-awaited Cook-X option is finally available! Whenever you cook food on a range or fire, you will now see a little menu at the bottom of your window showing a picture of the item. Left-click on it to cook only one, or right-click if you'd like to cook several of them. (The menu won't appear if you've only got one of the raw item.)

This has given us the chance to make a few much-needed tweaks to the cooking skill. As you may have noticed, certain types of food were mostly unused because the reward from making them didn't match the time and trouble it took. We've addressed this by giving more xp for successfully cooking certain foods (curry, snailmeat and chompymeat) and increasing the healing effect of pies, pizza, stew and bread - see the manual page on our website for the updated details. We've also improved the availability of certain ingredients and utensils needed to make the more complex recipies.

Despite concerns from players that we would reduce the xp rewards from cooking fish, we have only done this in two cases: karambwanji and lava eels. The rate at which karambwanji can be fished has been increased significantly - which should help players catch the elusive karambwan octopus once they've done the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest - so we've dropped the cooking xp for karambwanji to compensate for this. Lava eels had become extremely easy to catch following the introduction of the agility shortcuts in the Taverley Dungeon, so the cooking xp for those has had to be reduced in the interests of Balance. The time taken to cook an inventory-full of items has not been significantly altered.

On a similar theme, players filling containers with water may be pleased to find that once they've filled one container, all other containers of that sort in their inventory will automatically start to fill themselves without any more clicking. You can stop this by walking away from the water source.

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