Crafted by Foxes

Crafted by Foxes

Old School RuneScape is spoilt for choice by the number of talented content creators in our community, and we’re delighted to announce another official collaboration - the Crafted by Foxes merch range! Many of you will be familiar with Foxes and may even have some of their unofficial OSRS-inspired designs at home. It’s safe to say that an official collaboration is well overdue, and Foxes is as excited about it as we are! Inside, a Foxes x Old School logo ensures you’ll never forget this epic collaboration.


“Getting to work on an official merch range is an incredible feeling. I’ve been playing RuneScape since I was six years old and never would I have expected to get a chance to work with Jagex. It’s surreal to say the least and an absolute honour.”

Check out the Crafted by Foxes range here!

The Crafted by Foxes collection consists of four awesome designs in a range of styles:

When we first reached out to Foxes about the collaboration, they jumped on the opportunity to share a couple of designs they'd been working on for a while: the long-sleeved metalcore Verzik Vitur tee, and the chunky, super-soft Theatre of Blood hoodie. Show your love for this epic raid with some truly metal apparel – who could resist?

You might get some odd looks walking about in full Masori Armour, but the Tombs of Amascut pocket tee is the next best thing!

Last but by no means least, we have the Desert Treasure II tees featuring all four fearsome bosses from the quest. This one’s available in two different (but very stylish) colours.

All designs are exclusive to the Official Merch Store and are available in a range of sizes!

The range is limited edition and will be on sale for only a short time. Orders close at 09:00 BST on July 22nd. A limited amount of stock is available to ship immediately with additional stock printed only once the pre-order period finishes. Order now from here to be the first to get your hands on these epic designs!

You can also discuss this update on the 2007Scape subreddit, the Steam forums, or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdate channel. For more info on the above content, check out the official Old School Wiki.

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