Cryptic Clue Fest 3

The strange activity of the stone portal in the Clan Camp has been the subject of much debate and conjecture for many sages and scholars across Gielinor. The most vocal and passionate of these learned individuals is Avalani.

Avalani has been researching the mysterious stone portal with great interest and has begun to piece together some information about the structure. While she was working on the portal, a mysterious stranger delivered a strange stone tablet. Unfortunately for Avalani, the tablet appears to be some sort of cryptic clue. Never being proficient at solving such puzzles herself, she has decided to put out a call for any who have the mental dexterity to tackle some confusing conundrums, as well as a little test to make sure they are up for the task.

The Cryptic Clue Fest is back, but with a clan twist! We wanted to bring some focus to Avalaniís studies at the Clan Camp. We know you love clue fests, so weíve taken your feedback from last year and used it to make an even more delightfully teasing story for you to enjoy. This time around, Avalaniís studies will take 7 days and 6 gruelling clues must be solved in order to understand the mystery of the stone portal.

Like last year, new clues will be posted each day and you will need to solve them to find out who to talk to and what key items they want you to bring. To start this Cryptic Clue Fest, head over to Avalaniís thread, posted as a call to sleuths across Gielinor.

Mod Kathy & Mod Timbo

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