Darker Graceful and Other Changes

Darker Graceful and Other Changes

This week’s update adds some of the changes from Poll #72


Darker Graceful and Other Changes


We’re right out of the gate this week with some of the changes you voted on in Poll #72. Let’s take a look before they speed right past us!


Dark Graceful




In what is surely the most monumental change of the poll, we’ve made the Dark Graceful set even darker. Now it’s perfect for blending into the shadows as you skitter across Gielinor’s rooftops.


Saradomin Halo




In another chromatic twist, the colour of the Saradomin Halo, obtainable from Castle Wars, has been changed to match the god’s blue colour scheme. 


Gem Bag




The 'Empty' option on the Gem Bag has been replaced with an option that will allow you to transfer all gems to your Inventory at once, starting with sapphires. 


Composted Snape Grass




Composting snape grass will now get you supercompost instead of the regular stuff. Hooray!


While we were adding this update, we noticed that certain herbs, when clean, will decompose into supercompost, but will turn into regular compost if left grimy. Following today’s update both clean and grimy versions of the following herbs will yield supercompost:


  • Toadflax
  • Avantoe
  • Kwuarm
  • Snapdragon
  • Cadantine
  • Lantadyme
  • Dwarf Weed
  • Torstol


In Other News


  • Bonemeal will now be named differently depending on the kind of bones it’s made from.
  • The daily teleport limit has been removed from the Achievement Diary Cape.
  • The ‘Use’ and ‘Empty’ options on bonemeal have been switched around.
  • Players can now correctly obtain more than one Bounty Hunter hat without resorting to any hat-dropping shenanigans.
  • The Beacon Ring can now be purchased from Perdu for 6,000GP after completion of ‘What Lies Below’.
  • The ‘Travel’ options for some NPCs in Rellekka will now list the relevant destinations instead.
  • Cerberus will now be an acceptable sacrifice for the Elite clue scroll that calls for killing a hellhound.
  • Corrected a typo regarding Elven Signets.
  • The Trouble Brewing overlay can no longer be removed by lighting a torch.
  • Some useful messages regarding shield crafting have been unfiltered.
  • The chair blocking a range in Prifddinas has been moved out of the way.
  • The 'damaged by fog' hitsplats in Last Man Standing now show the correct healthbar.
  • Turael's Slayer task completion messages will now suggest that you try a higher level task to get reward points, instead of just telling you that you didn't earn any.
  • The advice given on destroying Iron Man gear has been corrected.
  • Non-members can now speak to the Emblem Trader in Edgeville to find out how many points they have available to spend.
  • The Twisted Ancestral Hat is now the correct colour in the chatbox. 

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