Deadliest Catch

Having spent his whole life fishing, Jones the fisherman has decided to retire in style. He believes that thereís a fortune to be had by hunting the dreaded Thalassus: a sea monster thatís rumoured to be thousands of years old and as big as a village. Thatís what the stories say anyway, as no survivors have returned to tell tales of it, but you can be sure of one thing: you want to be far, far away from it when it surfaces.

If Jones is to stand a chance of landing this deadly beast, he needs your help. A rower, harpoon and map are needed before you can head out to hunt (those who suffer from sea-sickness, beware). Then thereís the small problem of finding the beast; while Thalassus is big, the oceans are bigger, and hunting it is like finding a giant, hungry needle in a humungous haystack.

You might come across treasure in the shipwrecks out to sea, and thereís a healthy haul of XP to salvage from this master quest. Thatís not all, as additional hunting opportunities are on offer to eager sailors.

At the end of the day, a hunter or their quarry will be on the menu. So, who will be the Deadliest Catch: Jones or the Thalassus?

Mod Tim
RuneScape Content Developer


Where to start Deadliest Catch:

Talk to Jones next to the Fishing Guild bank. Heís the one with the large fishing rod.

Requirements to start Deadliest Catch:

70 Fishing
70 Thieving
67 Hunter
Tower of Life
Druidic Ritual

In other news...

As those who voted in the ĎWhatís My Name?í Guaranteed Content Poll will have already noted, the winning sea monster name of ĎThalassusí has made it in game and the creature is munching on players as we speak! Thank you to all of those who voted and got the name into RuneScape.

We are ending support for older versions of Java (versions older than Sun Java 1.6.0_10) in a couple of weeks time. So that we do not catch players unaware, we have created a warning screen for those players who will be affected, which will pop up when you initially load the RuneScape applet, offering links to help you upgrade. With newer versions of Java, we are able to use more advanced features that should give you a better experience. For example, we are able to set the applet to use slightly more memory, so that the game runs more quickly. If we make sure that everyone is using a newer version, we can work to make the game better for everyone without the need to support less advanced Java versions.

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