Deadman: Reborn

Deadman: Reborn

Deadman: Reborn

Additional Information & Clarifications (August 18th)
Question Raised Additional Information Given
What time does Deadman: Reborn start? Deadman: Reborn will begin on Wednesday 25th August at 12:00 BST. This is 30-minutes after our usual game update time.
Previous Deadman events included Kourend Castle and Yanille as safe zones. Are these no longer considered safe in Deadman: Reborn? These were missed out in the initial list of safe zones, sorry! We've updated the blog to state that these are in fact safe zones in Deadman: Reborn.
Do Dragon defenders and Black masks also benefit from the 4x increased drop-rate modifier? Yes they do. The following items were missing from the initial increased drop-rate modifier list which has been updated in the blog:

Dragon defender
Blood shard
Dragon boots
Black mask
In previous Deadman events it was possible to receive Tier 1 Mysterious emblems from Wilderness Slayer creatures. Are these no longer available in Deadman: Reborn? It will be possible to get Tier 1 Mysterious emblems from Wilderness Slayer creatures whilst on task. They are also included within the global Deadman drop-table for Slayer creatures.
It's not obvious how increased access to the Culinaromancer's Chest will work with automatic unlocks at the different combat level world brackets. Can this be clarified further? We've updated the 'Quest & Automatic Unlocks' section of the blog to better reflect how this works. Please navigate to that section of the blog for more information.

Historic additional information and clarifications that were added August 11th & August 16th.

We recommend reading through these clarifications after checking the entire blog first

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Question: Singles-plus is too punishing and will deter many players from Deadman: Reborn. Can this be reconsidered?

Answer: We've made some changes to the way combat works in Deadman: Reborn. Singles-plus will now only exist within the Revenant Caves. This means all other Singles-way combat areas of Gielinor will retain standard Single-way combat. Instead, we'll be making it so that NPC's will respect the PJ timer (9.6 seconds).

These changes mean that whilst in combat with an NPC, another player cannot attack you. Once you leave combat with the NPC, players can attack you. Once attacked by a player, an NPC cannot attack you until 9.6 seconds of no combat with a player has passed.

Question: In previous Deadman events, it was possible to teleport instantly after defeating an NPC, even though there was a timer preventing teleporting whilst in combat. Will this still be possible in Deadman: Reborn?

Answer: It will not be possible to teleport immediately after leaving combat with an NPC. Players will need to wait 11 game cycles (6.6 seconds) after leaving combat before teleporting can take place. This does not apply to any NPC's that are attacked in a safespot, though you will be susceptible to other player attacks in these instances.

Question: With the removal of Singles-plus, concerns have been raised regarding players intentionally boxing NPC's to avoid combat with other players.

Answer: We'd like to reiterate that boxing other players is against the rules in Deadman: Reborn. In addition to this, attempting to "X-log" with an NPC is against the rules and will fall under the same punishment as Boxing. An option will be available in-game to report any instances of players abusing boxing.

Question: With Deadman: Reborn lasting for just over three weeks, there were some concerns regarding the rate at which items will come into the game and their availability.

Answer: We've decided to increase the Drop-rate Modifier from 3x the normal rate to 4x the normal rate.

Question: Will the Dorgeshuun crossbow and Bone bolts be available to purchase in Ranged shops?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is Prayer considered a combat skill within Deadman: Reborn?

Answer: Yes. Prayer is considered a combat skill and will be reset upon losing your last life, but will also benefit from vastly increased experience rates as other combat skills do.

Question: Will any pre-requisite quests also be unlocked with quests that are automatically unlocked?

Answer: Yes. Any quest that automatically completes will also unlock its pre-requisites.

Question: When does Deadman: Reborn start and end?

Answer: The Deadman: Reborn servers will be live from August 25th. The servers will close on the evening of September 16th in preparation for the finale, which will begin on the evening of September 17th. Exact timings will be shared at a later date, though we expect all qualified players will be given access to the worlds used for the finale approximately two hours before the 1v1 stages begin.

Question: During the 1v1's, will players be provided with a set inventory or will they be able to access their bank and grab supplies between rounds?

Answer:In the first round of the 1v1's, all players will be given the ability to bank and change their setup as they please. During this time you will be able to change your attuned Sigils.

Once the first round begins, banking will no longer be possible. Players who are successful at progressing beyond the first Arena will have their inventory wiped of supplies (food and potions) and for each fight thereafter we'll restore all health/stats/special attack, as well as resupplying inventories. The supplies will consist of the following, also note that if your inventory is full then any excess supplies will appear on the floor:

  • 1x Saradomin brew (4)
  • 1x Super restore (4)
  • 1x Sanfew serum (4)
  • 1x Super combat (2)
  • 1x Ranging potion (2)
  • 1x Anti-venom potion (4)
  • 10x Shark
  • 1x Anglerfish
  • 4x Karambwan

Question: Are the previous Deadman Teleport/Logout mechanics still present? These were as follows:

  • Unable to teleport instantly whilst in combat - required waiting a few seconds before the teleport activated.
  • Unable to log out instantly while out of combat - required waiting a few seconds before logout occurred.

Answer: Both of these restrictions still apply in Deadman: Reborn. Players must wait 12 game cycles (7.2 seconds) before being able to teleport or log out whilst in combat.

Question: Are the previously supplied starter packs going to be present in Deadman: Reborn? These were as follows:

  • Reclaimable once per day, are untradeable, and cannot be used in PvP.
  • Each pack contained access to: a Staff which comes charged with the equivalent of 500 Fire strikes, a Bow which is charged with the equivalent of 2000 bronze arrows, and a Scimitar wieldable from level 1 Attack but is the equivalent to a Mithril scimitar.
  • Each pack contained 1 Combat potion, and 12 cooked tuna.
  • These packs could be claimed from the Combat tutors in Lumbridge.

Answer: These starter packs will exist within Deadman: Reborn.

Players can obtain one starter pack per day. This resets after losing your final life, allowing you to claim a new starter pack to help with the combat experience rebuild!

Supplies contained within the starter packs are untradeable.

Question: How are untradeable items handled when dying to another player?

Answer: When dying to another player, untradeable items will act as they do in Wilderness deaths. The items will revert to a broken state and require repairing to be used again. The killer will receive coins as a reward.

Question: How do the combat level worlds work if you were to gain a level that puts you into a higher bracket whilst you're in combat?

Answer: In these instances the game will strongly suggest you to log out and switch to an appropriate combat level world. During this time, the following applies:

  • You are unable to attack NPC's or players, but both can attack you.
  • You do not gain any experience from any sources.
  • You can only use a bank three times before being unable to open the bank again.

Question: With no XP loss on death happening until the last life is lost, does this include Skulled deaths too?

Answer: In Deadman: Reborn there is no XP loss on death until your final life is lost. This also includes any deaths while skulled.

Question: Does attacking a Skulled player give the attacker a skull?

Answer: Attacking a skulled player will give you a 5-minute skull timer. Attacking a player back who attacked you first does not give you a skull.

Question: Are there any catch-up mechanics in place? In particular, are there boosted XP rates given to re-gain any XP that was lost as a result of losing your last life?

Answer: There are no catch-up mechanics in place for Deadman: Reborn, though some Sigils (including those you start with) have built-in XP modifiers.

Question: It has been mentioned that Emblems will drop in Deadman: Reborn. Does that mean the Emblem trader will exist? If so, are the supplies on offer the same as previous events?

Answer: The Emblem trader does exist within Deadman: Reborn. He is located outside of Edgeville bank and will have the following items available and their points cost:

  • Super Attack potion - 1,000 points
  • Super Strength potion - 1,000 points
  • Super Defence potion - 1,000 points
  • Ranging potion - 6,000 points
  • Magic potion - 8,000 points
  • Super Combat potion - 30,000 points
  • Prayer potion - 3,000 points
  • Super restore potion - 10,000 points
  • Saradomin brew - 25,000 points
  • Zamorak brew - 25,000 points
  • Stamina potion - 8,000 points
  • Extended antifire potion - 5,000 points
  • Antidote++ - 3,000 points
  • Anti-venom - 35,000 points
  • Blighted bind sack - 100 points
  • Blighted snare sack - 500 points
  • Blighted entangle sack - 1,000 points
  • Blighted teleblock sack - 3,000 points
  • Blighted vengeance sack - 3,000 points
  • Blighted ancient ice sack - 2,000 points
  • Ring of wealth(i) Scroll - 50,000 points
  • Magic shortbow (i) Scroll - 100,000 points
  • Saradomin's tear - 1,500,000 points
  • Rune pouch - 1,200,000 points
  • Looting bag - 10,000 points
  • Clue box - 100,000 points
  • Ornate maul handle - 1,250,000 points
Note: Blighted items are available to be used throughout Gielinor and will not be restricted to just the Wilderness.

Question: What happens to any items within Death's coffer and points in the Emblem traders store when losing your last life?

Answer: Death's coffer and the Emblem trader store will be wiped upon losing your last life.

Question: Is there a grace period after defeating another player?

Answer: Should you be successful in taking down your opponent, you will be granted one minute of immunity from other players. This is your chance to loot and make a break for safety!

Question: How exactly will protection against other players work during Deadman: Reborn?

Answer: The following levels of protection will apply:

  • Upon starting a new account, you are given 15 minutes of protection.
  • When advancing to a new combat level world, you are given 60 minutes of protection.
  • Upon losing your last life, you are given 15 minutes of protection.
Note: you can remove this protection at any time by speaking to the Doomsayer in Lumbridge.

Question: With XP locking being possible in Deadman: Reborn via Nigel in Lumbridge, will this apply to combat skills and quest XP too?

Answer: When XP locking is activated, all XP gain is blocked, including any quest and lamp rewards you would normally receive.

Question: Will players gain combat XP during PvP encounters in Deadman: Reborn?

Answer: It is not possible to gain combat XP during PvP encounters, though fake XP drops will appear to indicate how much you would have gained.

Question: Are underwater areas unrestricted in Deadman: Reborn?

Answer: The Fossil Island underwater area is restricted in Deadman: Reborn. Other underwater areas remain unrestricted but are classed as safe areas.

Question: With the global drop table being added to Deadman: Reborn, the blog mentions the Ancient Warrior's equipment. Does this include both the armour and weapons?

Answer: The global drop table will only have access to the Ancient Warrior's weapons. The armours will be unavailable during Deadman: Reborn.

Question: Does Thieving NPC's within a guarded area provide XP and loot?

Answer: You are unable to gain loot from any NPC that is pickpocketed in a guarded area. Experience is still given as normal.

Question: We've seen various requests for items to be added to the improved drop-rate modifier available during Deadman: Reborn.

Answer: The following items will also benefit from a 3x increased the drop-rate:

  • Alchemical Hydra uniques
  • Drake uniques
  • Elder chaos robes
  • Granite maul
  • Dragon warhammer

Question: We've seen various requests for items to be added to the Deadman-only global drop table available during Deadman: Reborn.

Answer: The following items will be added to the Deadman-only global drop table:

  • Mage's book
  • Master wand

Question: Some players feel like the three life system is too harsh, especially for newer players when considering that it includes PvM deaths.

Answer: We agree that the system might be too harsh. We're going to remove PvM deaths from the equation, meaning the only way to lose a life will be via PvP deaths.

Question: We saw lots of feedback that suggested Monkey Madness I should be included within the quest unlocks.

Answer: Monkey Madness I will now be automatically unlocked upon reaching Level 71-100 worlds.

Question: We received a huge amount of feedback regarding items lost on death, and what exactly should be protected.

You made it clear that players protecting their 3 (4 with Protect Item Prayer active) most valuable items on death if they are not skulled goes against the "high-risk, high-reward" element of Deadman.

Answer: You'd rather we change it so that players are unable to keep any items they have at the time of their death, other than the items that are in their bank or deposit box, unless they lose their last life.

The main reason behind this is that it would provide more incentive for players to go out and PK, otherwise they will never gain anything of value until they've taken the final life off another player.

We're going to change it so that you are no longer able to protect any items on death, even when you are not skulled. This means you will always risk what you are wearing.

The year is 2015. You’re frantically checking the Old School website to see if the game update has gone live. At your side is a stockpile of supplies to see you through the next few hours. Your friends start spamming you – *ping* *ping* *ping* "the game is being updated!"

You log in and spawn into Lumbridge. It’s frantic; players everywhere. You rush past the piles of bones and towards Barbarian Village, entering the Stronghold of Security. You're nervous, of course, but as you keep telling yourself, "this 10k is going to be a game changer..."

A moment we’re sure many of you can remember! For those of you that missed out, don't worry, because now's your chance to experience it.

Yep, Deadman is back!

However, we’ve made drastic changes since this punishing PvP mode was last around, and this time it will offer an experience like nothing else in Old School. But before we go into detail about the new-look Deadman, let’s start with the basics...

What is Deadman?

Deadman is an intense PvP (player-vs-player) survival game mode for Old School RuneScape, with high risks and serious rewards. It’s not for the faint-hearted – it's frenetic, frustrating and thrilling in equal measure. Your wits and prowess will be put to the test, and the winner can quite rightly declare themselves the best of the best.

All you need to take part (apart from nerves of steel) is an existing account with an active Membership. Much like with Leagues, each player starts their journey from scratch on a dedicated individual world, opening on Tutorial Island. From there you can chat to Skippy and he’ll offer you a choice of starting locations. As soon as you’re ready, you can jump straight into the action!

Speaking of action, with a few exceptions, PvP Combat is enabled everywhere (more on this later), so make sure you’re fully prepared for each adventure before you set out. Trust us - it’s merciless out there.

While progressing in Deadman worlds, you’ll benefit from a few perks, including:

  • Greatly accelerated XP rates
  • Certain quests automatically complete upon reaching various milestones
  • Item drop-rate modifiers
  • Access to unique drop tables and items not available in the main game
  • Improved shop restock rates
  • Sigils (think Relics from Leagues but tailored specific to Deadman... we’ll come back to this)

If you make major progress during the season, you may even qualify for the Deadman: Reborn Finale – a brutal last stand where the top players hurtle into battle against one another, smashing each other to bits until a victor is crowned in the name of glory... oh, and a $32,000 prize pool!

Deadman: Reborn - Deep Dive

We’re calling this new version Deadman: Reborn. Hell yeah. But what makes it different from its predecessor? Let’s delve into specifics.

Safe Zones

In these areas, which are scattered throughout the game, PvP Combat is disabled, meaning players cannot attack each other or be attacked. You can take the pressure off at these locations:

  • Barbarian Assault (inside the minigame only)
  • Catherby (Bank area only)
  • East Ardougne
  • Falador
  • Jatizso (town area only)
  • Lumbridge
  • Neitiznot (town area only)
  • Port Phasmatys
  • Rellekka
  • Seers' Village (Bank area only)
  • Sophanem
  • Tree Gnome Stronghold
  • Tutorial Island
  • Varrock
  • Void Knights' Outpost
  • Yanille
  • Kourend Castle

Now we know what you’re thinking – a skulled player could jump into one of these safe zones to try and lose their skull timer. In fact, if you’re skulled upon entering a safe-zone, a Deadman guard will appear and attack with Ranged every game cycle, starting at 1/5th of your max hit points, increasing by 2 damage with each attack. So, no, we don’t recommend using safe zones as an escape! If you encounter the guard, exiting the safe zone will de-spawn ‘em.

Skulling, Bank Keys & Safe Deposit Boxes

Part of the thrill of Deadman mode is the rush you get from defeating another player and obtaining their Bank Key, then trying to survive until your skull expires and dashing into a safe zone to claim your spoils.

The interface that appears when opening a Bank Key.

In Deadman: Reborn, attacking another player will give you a PK skull for five minutes. Should you be successful in taking down your opponent, you will receive their Bank Key alongside any unprotected items they were carrying at the time, and be granted one minute of immunity from other players. This is your chance to loot and make a break for safety!

Note: If you die or attack another player within this minute then you will lose any remaining immunity you had. The immunity period will also be lost upon logging out.

The Bank Key is a clever little item – you can use it to unlock chests in safe zones which contain the top 10 most valuable items from your opponent’s Bank. If you have taken your opponent’s last life (explained further below), you will be rewarded with their 28 most valuable items, even if some of those items were in their safety deposit box!

Now remember, hotshot – it’s only possible to have five Bank Keys at any given time. Should you wish to continue fighting with five keys, any items that would have been included within a key will instead drop to the ground.

Note: It is not possible to claim loot from a Bank Key while skulled.

You are able to protect up to 10 of your favourite items by talking to Financial Wizards found within Banks in safe zones, who can secure 10 items in a secure Safe Deposit Box. You will not lose these items if killed... unless you lose your last life. Should the worst happen, you’ll lose the contents of your Bank and deposit box!

You can only place single items within the Safe Deposit Box, and not stacks of items (for example, 10 Rune arrows will count as 10 items).

Three Life System

One of the biggest changes to Deadman: Reborn is the three life system. This new approach should amplify the nail-biting survival aspect to bottom-clenching new heights.

Here’s how it works:

  • Each player starts their Deadman adventure with three lives.
  • Upon dying in PvP combat, you lose a life.
  • A non-PvP death is exactly the same as in the main game – a gravestone appears at the place you perished and you have to reclaim your items.
  • In a PvP death, you do not keep any worn items (even with the Prayer effect Protect Item). All items you had equipped will go to the player who defeated you, alongside a Bank Key containing the top 10 most valuable items from your Bank.
    • Should you lose your final life in PvP, the contents of your safety deposit box, plus the remaining most valuable banked items (up to a total of 28) will instead go to the PKer. Treat those lives carefully!
  • There is no XP loss on death until your last life has been lost.

Losing your last life has consequences, so stay alert when leaving safe zones! If your last life is lost:

  • You respawn with a fresh supply of lives.
  • All attuned and unattuned sigils are lost (see below).
  • You are presented with a new Tier 2 Sigil to choose from (see below).
  • Combat XP is fully reset.
  • All items within your Bank and safety deposit box are wiped.
  • All items within Death's coffer and any points stored with the Emblem store are wiped.
  • 10% of all Skilling experience is lost.
  • Quest progress is not reset (whatever quests you complete during the Season will stay done, permanently)!

Combat Level Worlds

Another drastic change with Deadman: Reborn is the introduction of Combat Level Worlds. As the name suggests, they can only be accessed by players of a certain level, ensuring that you’ll always be faced against players with similar battle prowess - no more stompings at the hands of XP behemoths!

Want to stay as safe as possible while completing a particularly risky quest? Utilise the Combat Level restrictions to ensure you’re the highest level allowed on the world. Be warned though - if it’s anything like PvP in the rest of RuneScape, crafty players will be scheming ways to create the most powerful builds possible within any given Combat tier!

The following Combat Level Bracket Worlds will be available:

  • Level 3-35
  • Level 36-70
  • Level 71-100
  • Level 101-126

Having too high or low of a Combat level will prevent you from joining a world - you will only be able to play on a world you have the correct Combat level for. This means you’ll need to be smart about trading with other players – while the Grand Exchange will be shared across all worlds, you won’t be able to trade with other players unless they’re able to log into the same Combat Level Bracket World as you.

We can’t wait to see the strategies that unfold with these restrictions in play!

Combat Rule Changes

In previous Deadman modes, players could remain relatively safe by attacking NPCs in single-way Combat, with little fear of being attack by someone else. As a result, boxing NPCs became an easy escape.

This time, the rules will be a little different.

To give you a fighting chance, a PJ timer of 16 game cycles (that's 9.6 seconds) will be running on all Deadman worlds, affording you a grace period where you cannot be attacked by another player while fresh from an encounter. Anti-boxing measures will prevent players abusing this feature, and boxing will be against the rules in Deadman: Reborn.

This means that Player A can now attack Player B. If Players A and B stop fighting each other, then other players could then attack Player A instead... but because of the PJ Timer, they would need to wait 16 game cycles before they were able to do so.

We’ll be introducing a PJ timer to all NPC's that are currently located in Single-Way Combat areas. The result is that once in combat with another player, PvP will always take priority. If a player is in a fight with an NPC, they cannot be attacked by another player until they have defeated it. However, if the player is out of combat with an NPC and engages in combat with another player, it will not be possible for NPC's to attack either player for 9.6 seconds.

After all, who doesn’t love living in constant fear? Are you grinding your teeth with dread already? Good. That’s the game.

Alongside the introduction of an NPC PJ timer, we’ll be changing certain areas of the world that are currently Multi-Way Combat to Single-Way Combat. This is to shift the scales in favour of solo players, who would otherwise struggle to complete content that was locked down by marauding Clans.

The areas changing from Multi-Way to Single-Way Combat are:

  • Lunar Isle
  • Bandit Camp
  • Shadow Dungeon
  • Barbarian Village
  • White Wolf Mountain

This list may change based on player feedback before and during the Deadman season.

One more Combat change: special spear attacks will no longer push players from a Single-Way to Multi-Way Combat zone. While this has provided some amusing moments for many a Clan member, we'd like the decision to enter a Multi-Way Combat zone to lay with the individual, rather than being dictated by a posse of spears!

XP Multiplier

For this season of Deadman: Reborn we want to ensure that players can quickly level up an account ready for the final day of the tournament - especially since there is a high possibility you'll lose your last life near the end of the season, fully resetting your Combat experience. Plus, some of you might simply start the season late. Either way, we want everyone to have a decent chance of becoming a Season Champion.

We're going to increase the XP rates of all skills by 10x, including any reward XP you would normally receive from quests and/or XP Lamps. This increase applies throughout Gielinor.

Combat XP will increase even further based on which Combat Level World you are playing in:

  • Level 3-35 = 10x Combat Experience
  • Level 36-70 = 15x Combat Experience
  • Level 71-100 = 20x Combat Experience
  • Level 101-126 = 25x Combat Experience

Quest & Automatic Unlocks

In previous Deadman modes, we unlocked various quests to help speed up player progression. This time our approach is slightly different.

Instead of unlocking a bunch of quests on your first log-in, we’ll be tying unlocks into the Combat Level Worlds. By reaching the next tier of world, you’ll automatically unlock certain quests and their pre-requisites that are relevant to your level of progression. Note: Recipe for Disaster will still require most pre-requisite quests to be completed, regardless of increased access to the Culinaromancer's Chest.

The following automatic unlocks will apply.

Upon starting a new account at Level 3:

  • Ernest the Chicken
  • Goblin Diplomacy
  • Rune Mysteries
  • Shield of Arrav
  • Druidic Ritual and Level 3 Herblore
  • Recipe for Disaster Part 1
    This gives access to Mithril Gloves by unlocking the following subquests:
    • Mountain Dwarf subquest
    • Goblin Generals subquest
    • Pirate Pete subquest
    • Lumbridge Guide subquest
    • Evil Dave subquest

Upon reaching Level 36-70 worlds:

  • Tree Gnome Village
  • Restless Ghost
  • Priest in Peril
  • Animal Magnetism
  • 100% Zeah favour and completion of Architectural Alliance
  • The ‘Bigger and Badder’ Slayer perk
  • Increase the access of the Culinaromancer's Chest to Adamant Gloves
    This gives access to Adamant Gloves by unlocking the following subquests:
    • Skrach Uglogwee subquest

Upon reaching Level 71-100 worlds:

  • Lost City
  • Merlin's Crystal
  • Dragon Slayer
  • Heroes' Quest
  • The Grand Tree
  • Monkey Madness I
  • Increase the access of the Culinaromancer's Chest
    This gives access to Dragon Gloves by unlocking the following subquests:
    • Sir Amik Varze subquest
    • King Awowogei subquest

Upon reaching Level 101-126 worlds:

  • Increase the access of the Culinaromancer's Chest to Barrows Gloves
    • This completes the Culinaromancer part of the quest

Note: Quests that are automatically completed will not give you the usual rewards. Want to complete a quest that isn’t on the list or to obtain its goodies? Go ahead! Quests can still be manually completed outside of this unlock system at any time. In addition to this, any quest that is a pre-requisite of an automatically completed quest will also be unlocked.

Drop-rate Modifier

Playing Deadman: Reborn shouldn’t feel like a chore. Since this is a seasonal game-mode where players are trying to obtain the best gear ASAP, spending hours upon hours grinding for a particular item that will eventually get lost once the Deadman servers close doesn’t sound like a huge amount of fun.

So, we’ll be increasing the drop-rates of certain items by 4x their normal rate. Here are the items we're looking to include at the moment:

  • All Chambers of Xeric uniques
  • Tomes of Fire/Burnt Pages
  • Unsired from Abyssal Sire
  • All Visages
  • All God Wars Dungeon uniques
  • All Nightmare uniques
  • All Theatre of Blood uniques
  • All Dagannoth Kings uniques
  • All Wilderness Boss Rings
  • Dragon Pickaxe
  • Odium/Malediction Shards
  • All Revenant uniques
  • All Barrows uniques
  • All Gauntlet uniques
  • All Clue uniques
  • All Corporeal Beast Sigils
  • All Cerberus Crystals (including the Smouldering Stone from Hellhounds too)
  • All Zulrah uniques
  • Dragon Limbs
  • Dragonbone Necklace
  • Dark Bow
  • Basilisk Jaw
  • Demonic/Tortured Gorilla uniques
  • Grotesque Guardian uniques
  • Kraken uniques
  • Abyssal Demon uniques
  • Leaf Bladed Sword and Lead-Bladed Axe
  • Occult Necklace and Smoke Battlestaff
  • All Superior Slayer creature uniques
  • Alchemical Hydra uniques
  • Drake uniques
  • Elder chaos robes
  • Granite maul
  • Dragon warhammer
  • Dragon defender
  • Blood shard
  • Dragon boots
  • Black mask

Are there any other items you feel should have increased drop rates? Let us know in the threads linked at the end of this post!

In addition to the modified drop-rates, we've made some additional changes to help increase the amount of resources entering the game. They are as follows:

  • In addition to the normal loot offered by killing them, Callisto, Venenatis, Vet'ion and the Chaos Elemental also have a 1 in 3 chance of dropping a single 4-dose Saradomin brew.
  • In addition to the normal loot offered by killing them, Scorpia, Crazy Archaeologist and the Chaos Fanatic also have a 1 in 5 chance of dropping a single 4-dose Saradomin brew.
  • Dragons now drop double the amount of bones.
  • Tuna, Lobster, Swordfish, Shark, Karambwan, Dark crab, and Anglerfish fishing spots will yield 3x the amount of fish resources.
  • All random unnoted herb drops from NPCs are now doubled.
  • The Giant mole will now drop double the amount of Claws and Hides.
  • In Barrows there is a chance to obtain potions and potion ingredients. For potions, there is a 1/2 chance of gaining a stack of 3 (4)-dose potions when you would roll on the Barrows armour table. You will receive either Saradomin brews, Super restores, Ranging potions, or Super combat potions. There is a small chance of obtaining potion ingredients on the normal Barrows table. Note, due to limitations of the Barrows interface it's possible that any items gained may instead appear in your inventory or on the floor. It is possible to receive the following: Crushed nests, Red spiders' eggs, Wine of Zamorak, Limpwurt roots, White berries, or Grimy torstol

Deadman-Only Drop Table

On top of those lovely increased drop rates, we’ll also be implementing a Deadman-only drop table to all NPCs! This means you could snag some extra loot from anything you defeat within Gielinor.

This drop table includes the powerful Ancient Warrior’s weapons, Sigils (explained further below), and resources such as food, potions, Herblore supplies and Emblems.

Want to secure the best possible chance of rolling on the Deadman drop table? The odds all depend according to the Combat level of the NPC you’re fighting! Additionally, bosses generally have an increased chance – and with Superior Slayer creatures, it’s guaranteed.

Note: The Ancient Warrior's weapons can be obtained by killing any NPCs, but creatures within the Wilderness have the highest chance at dropping them.

Restricted Content

If you’re a veteran Deadman player, you’ll recall that certain pieces of content were previously unavailable. These restrictions were typically put in place to protect the player experience or to prevent certain metas during the Deadman Finale.

This time, we’re removing all previous restrictions aside from the following:

  • Duel Arena, Castle Wars, Trouble Brewing, Fight Pits, Rat Pits, Pest Control and Last Man Standing are all inaccessible.
  • The Nature Rune Chest in East Ardougne is inaccessible.
  • Count Check will not be able to teleport players to the Stronghold of Security.

Anything not listed above will be available, including within the finale, so make sure you strategise with this in mind!

Miscellanous Content Changes

Since the first Deadman event in 2015, multiple changes have been that aimed to help improve the player experience. We've taken inspiration from past events, and can confirm that in Deadman: Reborn, the following changes will be present:

  • All rune and arrow shops restock at a much faster rate. Fletching & Crafting supply stores will also restock at a faster rate. Lower tier equipment will restock faster than higher tier equipment, for example: an air rune will restock faster than a death rune.
  • Pyramid tops, found atop the Agility Pyramid, will turn to cash upon death.
  • Dying with, or dropping, a stack of Chinchompas will cause it to appear on the ground, visible to all players.
  • Changes remain in place to prevent door spamming. We received reports that specific areas were still troubled by issues of door spamming.
  • Turael will not assign Kalphite tasks.
  • POH pools are unavailable for 3 minutes after combat.
  • Teleblock will now last for 150 seconds, or for 75 seconds with Protect from Magic active.
  • A safety deposit box can be found in both banks within the Grand Tree.


Now, let’s talk about Sigils, the BIGGEST change to Deadman: Reborn by far!

Much like Relics from Leagues, Sigils are an additional layer of powerful buffs that’ll enhance your gameplay beyond anything that mere equipment or skill levels can provide.

Unlike Relics however, Sigils are not a permanent choice. You’ll have the flexibility to swap out and change your Sigils to complement whatever task working on, so long as you’re in a safe zone and not skulled. Simply attune to your chosen Sigil (causing it to become untradeable) and you’ll benefit from its unique properties! When you’re ready to swap Sigils, un-attune from the Sigil and it will become tradeable once more.

There are three tiers, each providing more powerful buffs than the last. The higher tiers of Sigils will only be available on higher Combat Level Worlds.

A WIP image of the Sigils interface and a sneak peek at some of the benefits they provide!

When logging into a Deadman: Reborn world for the first time, or after losing your last life you’ll be presented with a selection of Tier 2 Sigils. While the Sigils on offer are the same each time, you’ll be able to pick one to kick-start your journey into the wild, increasing your overall power level and offering a little variety each time you start over.

Additional Sigils can be obtained as drops from NPCs. They can also be bought from or sold to other players, although you’ll only be able to do this at the Grand Exchange.

It will be possible to have up to three Sigils active at any one time, but only two can be Combat-related.

Upon losing a life that is not your last, any attuned Sigils will remain safe and in your possession, but un-attuned Sigils in your inventory will be deleted. Losing your final life means all Sigils, attuned or not, will be lost forever.

Finale & Qualification

Last but certainly not least, we’re going to look at what you can expect from the hair-raising Deadman Finale – and how to qualify.

Firstly, here's how to secure your spot:

  • The Deadman: Reborn Season will last for one month.
  • There will be no separate Tournament event. Your account used within the Deadman: Reborn Season will be the same account used in the Deadman: Reborn Finale.
  • We’ve removed the Multi-way Combat final hour entirely. Instead, the top 2,048 ranked players will be entered into 1v1 fights. This will be based on Total Levels/HiScore ranking.
  • These 2,048 players will have access to four worlds, each restricted to a maximum of 512 players.
    • These worlds will be split across various regions - it's likely there will be an NA West, NA East and two EU worlds.
    • Each world will operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Once a world has a total of 512 players, it will not be possible for additional players to join.
  • These players will battle it out in a 1v1 setting until a total of 1,024 players remain.
  • The remaining 1,024 players will then battle it out in a second round of 1v1’s until a total of 512 players remain.
  • The remaining 512 players will be granted access to the final 1v1 world.

The latest arena design for Deadman: Reborn.

Once we reach the final 512 players, we’ll allow them to battle it out in our standard 1v1 format:

  • Round of 512
  • Round of 256
  • Round of 128
  • Round of 64
  • Round of 32
  • Round of 16
  • Quarterfinals
  • Semifinals
  • Finals
  • Deadman: Reborn victor is crowned!

The Deadman: Reborn Finale arena... featuring support from the local Lizardman community.

Aside from the glory of being crowned as the Deadman: Reborn winner, there is a generous $32,000 prize pool available and yearly Memberships up for grabs!

1st place = $20,000
2nd place = $10,000
3rd & 4th place = $1,000 each
5th-16th place = 12 Months of Membership each

Rules & Additional Info

All existing RuneScape rules apply during the Deadman Finale.

Anyone who has been caught cheating in any Jagex event may be suspended from all future Jagex events. Jagex staff will review cases and players.

Players found to be abusing game mechanics to gain an advantage in a way considered by the Jagex staff to be unsporting will be removed from Deadman: Reborn immediately.

  • Using Combat with an allied player during Deadman: Reborn is regarded as using a game mechanic to gain an unfair advantage. During the Season it will be met with a three day ban and in the Finale will be met with disqualification.

The act of muling during the Season is prohibited, and is a bannable offence.

In addition to the above, the following rules also apply to Deadman: Reborn:

  • During the 1v1 stage, should a player experience connectivity issues and log out before a fight begins, that player has only until the fight begins to log back in.
  • During the 1v1 stage, should credible evidence emerge to suggest that an account is maliciously targeting other players, we will take action against them.
  • We will not, at any point or under any circumstances, restart the Finale.
  • We will endeavour to announce the results of the Finale on the night of the event, but should more investigation be required, the results will be announced only after the Old School team has met and reviewed all evidence available to us.

That's everything we have to say about Deadman: Reborn for now. We hope you're as excited for this version of Deadman as we are! We'd love to hear your feedback so please do let us know what you think via our official forums, on the 2007Scape Reddit, the Steam forums or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdate channel.

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