Deadman Reborn: Feedback Changes

Deadman Reborn: Feedback Changes

This week saw the exciting return of Deadman Reborn! We've made multiple changes since the brutal PvP everywhere mode went live, and today we'd like to talk about some additional changes we've made that will help both the DMM die-hards and newcomers to the game.

Additional Feedback Changes
Issues Raised Current Progress
The PvP immunity period given to players upon losing their last life is being abused to farm resources safely. In many cases these resources are also being sent to other accounts prior to the immunity period wearing off and last life being lost, which is against the rules as it is considered muling. (August 31st, 17:00 BST) We've made further changes to the Three Life System and the PvP immunity period that is offered. Going forward, upon losing your last life you will only be given additional protection from other players once per day, unless you opt to lose both your Combat XP and items.

Players who opt to lose all Combat XP will receive 60 minutes of protection against attacks from other players. Players who opt to lose all of their items in favour of retaining Combat XP will receive 15 minutes of protection from other players.

The additional daily protection offered is not shared between the two options.

We've banned various accounts that have been involved in Muling, and would like to remind players that a report option for this is available in-game whilst on a Deadman Reborn world.

In addition to this, the following areas are unavailable to players benefiting from PvP protection:
Corporeal Beast
God wars dungeon
The Nightmare (or Phosani's Nightmare)
Players have reported various Sigil Powerups could benefit from balancing changes. In this week's game update we'll be making the following balancing changes to Sigil Powerups available in Deadman Reborn:

Sigil of Rampage will provide a 3% accuracy and damage buff per stack of Rampage, up to a maximum of 15% when 5 stacks of Rampage has been achieved.

Sigil of Rampage will reset the number of Rampage stacks after 12-seconds of not attacking.

Sigil of Aggression will cause attacks to deal 15% more damage whilst taking an additional 20% more damage from all sources.

Sigil of Aggression will correctly cause players to take additional damage from other players.

The increased damage modifier from Sigil of Aggression and Sigil of Rampage will no longer stack.

Sigil of Finality will have a 90-second cooldown instead of the previous 2-minute cooldown.

Sigil of the Porcupine will last for 45-seconds instead of the previous 30-seconds.

Sigil of the Menacing Mage will have a 20% chance to apply its curse effect instead of the previous 10% chance.

Sigil of Specialised Strikes will need to be activated in order to grant its Special Attack energy reduction. Doing so will incur a 30-second cooldown.

Sigil of Pious Protection will decrease the amount the amount of damage you take from attacks of a given combat style by 20% when using the correct protection prayer for that style. It will also increase the damage you take by protecting against the wrong combat style by 20%.
Players have reported the Sigil of Fortification is not correctly applying the bonuses it provides. (August 31st, 12:45 BST) The Sigil of Fortification will now correctly apply its +12 bonus to all styles.
Players have reported issues regarding the protection offered with the adjusted Three Life System. (August 28th, 17:00 BST) On losing your 3rd life, if you choose to keep your combat XP you'll get 15 minutes of PvP immunity, rather than the full 60 minutes. Players choosing to keep their items instead of their combat XP still get the full 60 minutes of immunity.

Deadman Reborn: Day 3 Feedback Changes

Deadman Reborn has exceeded all of our expectations, and we've seen so many great moments happen throughout the last three days. These moments are usually at the expense of an unfortunate player in the wrong place at the wrong time. Today we've made some changes that should help those of you who are unfortunate enough to not have the rebuild potential as others do after losing your last life. Make sure you're up to date with the changes made before today by reading the Deadman Reborn release news post.

The first change we'd like to talk about is how Starter kits will work going forward. These kits provide useful resources to help budding adventurers progress and work towards their final goals. Currently Starter kits work as follows:

  • Once you begin your journey you will receive a Starter Kit, which will also be given to you upon losing your third life! You'll also be able to claim Starter Kits from the Combat tutors. These can be claimed once per day, are untradeable, and cannot be used in PvP.
  • Each pack gives you a Staff which comes charged with the equivalent of 500 Fire strikes, a Bow which is charged with the equivalent of 2,000 bronze arrows, and a Scimitar wieldable from level 1 Attack that is equivalent to a Mithril scimitar.
  • The kit also contains a Combat potion, and 12 cooked Tunas. The once per day limit is reset after losing your final life, allowing you to claim a new starter pack to help with the Combat Experience Rebuild! Supplies contained within the starter packs are untradeable.

We're changing how often Starter kits can be reclaimed.

Going forward, Starter kits can be reclaimed any time you lose a life. You'll get the full contents of the kit as listed above, allowing you to continue rebuilding what was lost.

In addition to a new Starter kit being reclaimed any time you lose a life, we'll also be increasing the amount of protection that is available within the 3-35 combat bracket.

The immunity period offered within the 3-35 combat bracket has been increased from 15 minutes to 60 minutes for new players, and for players who have sacrificed all their combat XP when they lost their 3rd life. This increased protection from other players should help you better prepare yourself for the dangerous road ahead.

One issue we've seen players face during the rebuild stages of Deadman Reborn is how difficult it can be to obtain some of the lower tier Sigil Powerups to help regain skills and generate wealth. We'd like to change this by adding some extra support within the Starter kits that are given out, alongside the other changes listed above.

Going forward, in addition to the other supplies contained within Starter kits, players will also be granted a random Tier 1 Sigil Powerup and 5,000 GP.

Note: The Tier 1 Sigil Powerup and 5,000 GP can only be claimed once per day, even after losing your last life. Players who have already claimed their Starter kit today will be able to obtain a new one with these included.

The last change we'd like to make is in regards to the Three Life System. Our intentions with introducing this was to really emphasise the true risk behind playing Deadman Reborn, whilst also introducing something entirely new to the mode. That being said, we have seen your feedback suggesting that it is simply too punishing for most players, and the rebuild can be overly daunting, putting players off from continuing to play.

Previously, the Three Life System worked as follows:

Each player starts their adventure with three lives. Upon dying in PvP combat, you lose a life along with all items you had equipped, which go to the player who defeated you (plus a Bank Key containing the top 10 most valuable items from your Bank). Using the Protect Item Prayer will not protect any additional items on PvP death.

When dying to another player, untradeable items will act as they do in Wilderness deaths. The items will revert to a broken state and need repairing before they can be used again. The PKer will receive coins as a reward.

Should you lose your final life in PvP, the contents of your Safe Deposit Box, plus the remaining most valuable banked items (up to a total of 28) go to the PKer. Treat those lives carefully! Here's some important info to note once your last life is lost:

  • You respawn with a fresh supply of lives and 15 minutes of protection.
  • All attuned and unattuned Sigils are lost.
  • You must choose a new Tier 2 Sigil.
  • Combat XP is fully reset (this includes: Attack, Defence, HP, Magic, Prayer, Ranged and Strength).
  • All items within your Bank and Safe Deposit Box are wiped.
  • All items within Death's Coffer and any points stored with the Emblem Trader Store are wiped.
  • 10% of all Skilling experience is lost.
  • Quest progress is not reset (any quests you complete during the qualifiers will stay complete permanently)!

A non-PvP death won't affect your current lives and the process is exactly the same as in the main game a gravestone appears at the place you perished, and you must reclaim your items.

We've changed how the Three Life System works. Upon losing your last life, you are now presented with three options:

  • Lose all your Combat XP
  • This option allows you to prioritise losing your Combat XP in favour of retaining certain items. When selected, you'll lose 10% experience in all of your non-combat skills. In addition to this, a PKer will have still raided your Safety Deposit Box and your bank, but you'll keep anything that would have otherwise been wiped upon losing your final life, such as:
    • Attuned Sigils. Note: You are unable to select a new Tier 2 Sigil Powerup should you choose this option.
    • Unattuned Sigils within your bank
    • Items held within Death's Coffer and any points stored with the Emblem Trader Store
    This option gives you 60 minutes of PvP immunity once you return to Lumbridge, available once per day.

  • Lose all your items
  • Selecting this option will delete all items in any storage option around Gielinor, including your Sigils, but you'll retain all of your combat XP. Also, your non-combat skills will still be reduced by 10%.
    This option gives you 15 minutes of PvP immunity once you return to Lumbridge, available once per day.

    Note: The additional daily protection offered with both of the above options is not shared.

  • Lose both
  • Selecting this option will replicate the current three life system as if you had lost your final life. All items in all storage options around Gielinor will be lost and all your combat skills will be set to 0 XP.
    This option gives you 60 minutes of PvP immunity once you return to Lumbridge.

In addition to this, the following areas are unavailable to players benefiting from PvP protection:

  • Corporeal Beast
  • God wars dungeon
  • The Nightmare (or Phosani's Nightmare)

We hope that these changes will be a welcome addition to Deadman Reborn. Let us know what you think, and provide any feedback you might have via our official forums, on the 2007Scape Reddit, the Steam forums or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #deadman-reborn channel.

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