Deadman Reborn Finals Re-Run

Deadman Reborn Finals Re-Run

It's been a while since we last spoke about Deadman, and for that, we apologise. We've been hard at work putting together a solution that might allow us to re-run the Deadman Reborn finals, which were severely impacted by lag on Friday, September 17th as a result of direct network attacks.

Deadman demands so much from its competitors, and to see all that terrific effort wasted was truly heartbreaking. We are determined to do right by affected players, and today, we're very happy to announce that it's likely we'll be able to re-run the event!

We've begun work on a solution that will improve our mitigation against direct network attacks, which is due to be ready early next year. With this in mind, we'd like to schedule a beta for the Deadman Reborn re-run sometime around January, with the full re-run to follow shortly after.

We'll provide a firm date closer to the completion of the mitigation work - we just wanted to ensure that you're all kept in the loop. It's important we highlight that whilst we're confident in our solution, there is still a chance that unexpected problems will crop up - and of course, they'll need fixing before we can officially re-run the finals.

We appreciate that you've all been waiting patiently for some time already, but we feel it's vital for you to have confidence in our ability to deliver a smooth event, free from issues, before we fully commit to a re-run.

What's the plan?

  • We intend to host a beta of the Deadman Reborn finals re-run sometime around January (exact date TBC).
  • We will only be inviting those who participated in the Deadman Reborn Finals on Friday, September 17th.
  • The goal of the beta is to verify we have the correct savegames for when the Finals took place, so all participants have the exact same gear and levels they worked so hard for ready and waiting for them in the official re-run.
  • We also intend to test some additional bug fixes for some of the more minor issues encountered during the previous Finals.
  • An official re-run will follow the beta. Please note that there may be issues that need fixing between the beta phase and the live event.
  • Each participant will be given membership on their invited account to ensure they're able to participate in both the beta and the official re-run.

Wed like to apologise to all Deadman participants once more, thank all our players for your patience and continued support whilst we've been working to make this re-run a possibility.

The Old School Team