Deadman Reborn Finals Retrospective

Deadman Reborn Finals Retrospective

We've been investigating the issues that arose during the Deadman Reborn Finals event of Friday, September 17th.

On Friday we announced that we were targeted by direct network attacks, leading to severe lag on the Deadman Finals game world. We have since seen some speculation that the lag was a result of other wider UK network outages. We have investigated this and have concluded that the wider network outages were just a coincidence, and one that did not contribute to the Deadman game world lag (though it would undoubtedly have affected some UK players).

Like any other games studio, we are no strangers to network attacks. We continuously invest heavily in protecting our game worlds, but cybersecurity is ultimately an ongoing arms race.

The severe game world lag was the most critical issue that affected the event, though we encountered other game content issues too. These other issues were mostly resolved on the night but some players were unable to compete because of them.

We are determined to do what is right for affected players, but as mentioned above, investigations are still ongoing, so were not ready to announce what actions were going to undertake. Whilst we are still going to honour the outcome of Fridays event, we are actively exploring the possibility of a re-run, just as we did with the Spring Finals in 2019.

Before we can commit to this, there is still a lot more that needs working out. We need confidence in delivering a smooth event, free from these issues. We will do our utmost to offer an update with solid plans as soon as our investigations are complete.

Deadman demands so much from its competitors, and to see all that terrific effort wasted is heartbreaking. Wed like to apologise to all Deadman participants, and wed like to thank all players for your patience and continued support.

The Old School Team