Deadman Spring Finals: Tickets Now On Sale!

Deadman Spring Finals: Tickets Now On Sale!
Tickets to attend the Deadman Spring Finals event at ESL Leicester on Saturday 17th March are now on sale!

Watch The Spring Finals

You can join us at ESL Studio One, Leicester on March 17th. You’ll get to meet members of the Old School RuneScape team, mingle with your fellow players, and of course watch the intense Permadeath stage of the Deadman Spring Finals! The event will be hosted live by Mods Archie, Ayiza, and Sween with casters PureSpam and Skiddler! There will also be a themed bar and some PCs to play some Old School on the day.

Tickets can be purchased from the eventbrite event listing. For Terms and Conditions please see the event listing.

If you're unable to attend in person, don't fret! We've spent some time working on our spectator system and refining the overall viewing experience, so be sure to register for the event on our twitch page to get notified when the tournament kicks off!

Deadman Spring Finals

The Spring Finals begin on Friday 9th March and will end with the Permadeath stage on Saturday 17th March. All invitations have been distributed to those who qualified. If you're intending to take part, we recommend visiting the Spring Finals Deadman page to see the major tournament content changes.

Deadman Summer Season

The Summer Season will begin at the Spring Finals' finish. This will be approximately at 10pm GMT but it's entirely dependent on the finishing time of the Finals. The Season will run until Thursday 19th April, and we'll invite the Top 2000 players to compete in the Deadman Summer Finals, details of which will be communicated at a later date. Anybody can play in the Summer Season, all you need to compete is Membership! If you're intending to take part, we recommend visiting the Summer Season Deadman page to see the major Season content changes. Note that we expect there to be a few more changes to the Season content, but this will be reflected in the Changelog at the top of the aforementioned page.

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