Death Hats, Draynor and Upgrades

This week's various updates include the wildstalker helmet and duellist's cap 'death hats', which track your Wilderness kills and Duel Arena victories, a graphical improvement for Draynor Village and Manor, plus a variety of small tweaks taken from player suggestions on the forums.

Death Hats

Laying down the smack in the Wilderness and defeating opponents in duels is all about the prestige (and money), right? So it's only natural to want to show off and demonstrate your ability to others. Well, free-players and members who wish to do so can visit Estocada at the Duel Arena to pick up a duellist's cap, and Mr Ex in Edgeville to receive a wildstalker helmet.

While snazzy looking in their own right, these hats will keep track of your skilful victories and unlucky defeats, but only while you are on a members' world. As your body count rises, your hats will morph into ever more impressive states, as will your ability to brag about your accomplishments with the emote each hat bears (after their first morphing).

While this does mean that you can only increase your stats and morph your hat while on a members' world, lapsed members will still be able to wear their hats on free worlds, in whatever state and with whatever stats they had accrued as a member. Once you've got some victories under them, both hats also allow you to transform into a commemorative statue of yourself, which others may read for a summary of your endeavours, including (should you wish) your kill/death ratio and your all time most valuable kill in the Wilderness.

Good hunting.

Mod Moltare
RuneScape Content Developer

Draynor Graphical Improvement

The already quite spooky Draynor Village and Manor have become even spookier with today's graphical improvement. The market has been given a more bazaar makeover, the buildings are more fittingly sombre, a murder of crows has flocked to the tiny village and the whole area is now shrouded in darkness and fog. Why not drink in the sights next time you pay a visit to Diango or the Wise Old Man? Just not literally – that fog is a real pea-souper, and who knows what it consists of...

RuneScape Graphics


We’ve compiled a list of tweaks to existing content, taken entirely from player suggestions on the forums. The changes are as follows:

  • We've added a toggle option to the Summoning pouch/scroll creation interface, so you can view either all possible pouches/scrolls that can be made or only those you're currently carrying the tertiary component for. This should make things easier for those who already know what pouches/scrolls they are planning to make. The option you choose will persist between logins.
  • The following in-game messages are now filtered out by the 'Game chat' filter:
    "Note: anything your familiar is carrying...will be placed on the floor."
    "You have reached the maximum number of hanky points..." – Thieves’ Guild
    "You can't deposit more than 12,000 coins..." – Mage Training Arena (Alchemists’ Playground)
  • We’ve added a 'Make-All' option to opening coconuts with a hammer and filling vials with coconut milk, as well as for adding feathers to bolts. There’s also a 'Plant-X' option for putting seeds of the same type into plant pots, and you can automatically water as many plant pots as your can is able to.
  • The following bosses and monsters can now be attacked with a left-click: all God Wars bosses, Dagannoth Kings, King Black Dragon, Kalphite Queen, Bork, Skeletal Horror, tormented demons, dark beasts, iron/steel/mithril dragons, strykewyrms and mutated bloodvelds.
  • The archaeological expert at the Digsite now has a right-click option, which turns all held 'unidentified liquid' into vials of nitroglycerin, so you no longer have to convert them one at a time through chat.
  • A fast reset wave option has been added to the Barbarian Assault commander, and you’ll get the option to reset when trying to enter wave 1 if your current wave is higher.
  • Lokar Searunner no longer mentions needing a seal of passage if you've completed the Elite Fremennik Tasks and spoken to Chieftain Brundt about not needing one.
  • Bob Barter at the Grand Exchange is now able to decant 4-dose potions into 2- or 3-dose potions, which is useful for those mixing barbarian and/or extreme potions.
  • Crystal bows and shields can now be recharged to full regardless of their current charge, so you don't have to use them until they revert to seed form.
  • The gnome glider/boat route from the Tree Gnome Stronghold to Ape Atoll (Daero > Waydar > Lumdo) now has right-click options for speedier travel.
  • Notifications in the chat window related to the Grand Exchange and bird’s nest drops have been made more noticeable.
  • Nulodion has an extra op to help you retrieve your multicannon faster after it decays.
  • A fast payment option has been added to the furnace door in Shilo Village.

The RuneScape Team

In other news...

We've changed the golden mining outfit from last week's Lava Flow Mine release, for players who own both the complete outfit AND any version of the Varrock armour reward from Varrock Tasks. The change means that these players can wear either platebody while mining, and receive both the 2.5% boost to earned Mining XP (so long as they're wearing the other four parts of the golden mining outfit) as well as having the chance of receiving extra ores (up to whatever ore your Varrock armour would normally allow).

Below the 'Play Now' button on the homepage is a new 'Log in with Facebook' button, which you can use to log into the RuneScape game. (You can also access our site features, such as the forums, through a similar button on the website login page.) Normally, this will log you straight in, but the first time you use this button you’ll need to log into your Facebook account (which installs a RuneScape app on your Facebook account; you will need to grant permission for this), and associate it with a Jagex account of your choice (optional). You can toggle this account association on or off in RuneScape Account Management. The RuneScape app can also be removed to revoke the permissions you granted, through the Facebook site under 'Privacy Settings', should you ever wish to do so. If you are using a shared computer, we also highly recommend you check that you are logged out of Facebook too after leaving the game. For more information, check out the Facebook Connect - FAQ forum thread.

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