Deathcon II: Halloween 2011

Death is planning the Halloween convention to end all Halloween conventions: Deathcon II. Everyone is invited to a celebration of the macabre, the malign and the monstrous that promises to be the best yet! He just needs some help setting up...

Deathcon II is being held in the clan citadel of The Horsemen: the clan founded by Death himself, Famine, War, Pestilence and an upbeat fellow named Frank. As well as getting Death out of the house, the citadel is the perfect venue to encompass the grand Deathcon II vision, and everyone’s pitching in. Beauty, the clan’s artisan, is working on the citadel’s decor, Frank’s planning a fantastic firework display on the roof and music is provided by Infinity: the Artist Formerly Known as Minstrel Web.

Anthropomorphic personifications of ubiquitous, abstract concepts though they are (honorary or otherwise), The Horsemen are a small clan. Beauty, Frank and Infinity will each need your help before Deathcon II can kick off with insidious style.

Once everything’s up and running, you’ll have the run of the whole convention. Be sure to say hi to Father Aereck and Dardar, who’ll be manning a gravestone store; pop in on Pumpkin Pete, if you can find him; and share a drink or eight with Punchy the Octopus. Be sure to bring Eek along too, if you have her from the 2009 event. Halloween is her favourite time of the year and she’ll never forgive you if you don’t!

The event is open to everyone, free players and members alike, and will run for three weeks. All attendees will receive a Deathcon II lanyard to access the Horsemen’s citadel, and those who complete the tasks set by the organisers will receive an exclusive in-game t-shirt and a new emote. Members who complete the tasks will receive a bonus hourglass item, which can be wielded in the shield slot. These items will only be obtainable during Deathcon II, though, so be sure to get them while you can.

As you may be aware, there’s another major convention happening during Deathcon II: Runefest! Beauty’s sister Fame has something special planned in the theatre, which will remain closed until October the 29th. All will be revealed during Runefest, to attendees and non-attendees alike.

Mod Srowley

How to start Deathcon II:

Speak to Frank outside the Clan Camp’s western entrance.


None, although you’ll need to be a member to claim your hourglass.

In Other News...

- Members now have the opportunity to obtain a wicked hood, courtesy of the ZMI (I have been asked, by a group of somewhat unsettling men in red cowls, to clarify that "ZMI" stands for "Zoological Magic Institute". – Ed), from Tam McGrubor in Varrock. As well as giving a magic attack and magic defence bonus, the hood has a range of Runecrafting functions usable on a daily basis, including free runes, free essence and teleports to altars, as well as the ability to access them. Finally, it can be upgraded with talismans to expand its repertoire of rune types. Speak to McGrubor for full details, or see the manual.

- We’ve made a number of technical changes to the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon resource area which will make frost dragon killing harder and less profitable for bots, without impacting upon the experience of legitimate players. This is just the first in a series of initiatives we’re taking to tackle bots for good.