Desert Month Finale

Menaphos and Sophanem

A bridge across the River Elid has recently been constructed, yet another signal of the warming relations between the Kharidians and the Menaphites, opening up even more areas in our huge desert expansion.

Although idyllic-looking, the banks of the river are dangerous. Adventurers should beware of man-eating crocodiles who lurk in the cool shade and water.

Care must also be taken of jackals who lie in wait for unsuspecting travellers.

On the west of the river is Menaphos, the Menaphite capital, purported to be a city of great wealth, knowledge and culture.

Adjoining Menaphos on the eastern side of the river is Sophanem, the city of the dead, where the Menaphites erect great pyramids in honour of their dead.

Breaking news that the Menaphite cities have barred their gates to all has confounded political commentators who have reassured all that a lasting peace will embrace the area.

Getting into Menaphos may have to wait as the city is very heavily guarded, but perhaps a wily adventurer may find a way to sneak into Sophanem. A wanderer to the North-east of the cities claims to know of a secret entrance, but beware! You may unwittingly end up as Icthlarin's Little Helper...

The Menaphites are said to treat their cats with near veneration. Could the "new cat-based activities" mentioned earlier in the month come into play here?

King Black Dragon

All things move with the times. The fearsome King Black Dragon, in particular, has developed some slightly different attack styles. He's had his cave enlarged, too. Why not make a journey to his lair, deep in the Wilderness, to see for yourself...?

Adventurers are warned that the King Black Dragon may give you a warm welcome, (extremely warm in fact...) so don't forget your anti-dragonbreath shield!

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