Desert Treasure

Recently a stranger claiming to represent the Museum of Varrock has arrived at the Bedabin Camp in the Al-Kharid desert. This has caused mass speculation that there is a very large Desert Treasure hidden somewhere in those shifting sands...

Yes, it's here! The massive update we promised earlier this month.

This updates includes the hardest quest so far and covers an enormous area twelve times the size of Al Kharid!

If that wasn't enough we've also added a massive surprise reward, which can only be unlocked by completing the quest. And if THAT wasn't enough we've also added a number of new training areas and a brand new Slayer monster which you will encounter along the way.

Needless to say, the dangerous climate and inevitable guardians of such a treasure hoard mean that only the very strongest and bravest adventurers should attempt to reclaim this prize.

We're not kidding.

We recommend you don't bring your most expensive items and equipment with you while doing the quest, because chances are that you're going to die at least once attempting it...

Free To Play Update

In other news, non-members can now make chocolate cakes by using chocolate bars or chocolate dust on a normal cake.

Chocolate dust has now been made a non-members object to allow you to do this, and you may now create your own chocolate dust by using a knife on a chocolate bar.

We have also added a small dungeon available to non-members in the Draynor Sewers, which includes some anvils for those aiming to smith in Draynor.