Dev blog: Poll 9, featuring Godwars

Dev blog: Poll 9, featuring Godwars

This week's dev blog brings details of Content Poll 9, and it's a big one!

The biggest item on the menu will be the God Wars Dungeon. In the blog, Mods Ash & Nexus present a detailed account of what you'll get if you vote Yes to bring it into Old School RuneScape.

Along with the dungeon itself, Poll 9 will offer some extra options about what should be in there. For example, you'll be able to vote on whether the boss rooms' doors should be made one-way only, like they were in the other RuneScape. You'll even be able to vote on extra mage and ranged weapons to be added to the dungeon. Full details are in the blog.

In case high-level combat updates aren't your thing, Poll 9 will also offer a selection of updates to the bank, including more bank space, a search button and an improved Withdraw/Deposit-X feature.

So please check out the blog to make sure you know what you're voting for when the poll opens on Tuesday.

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