Diary Skillcape Emote

Diary Skillcape Emote
Achievement Skillcape Emote

This week we are bringing you a number of small fixes as well as the brand new achievement diary skillcape emote!


Achievement Diary Skillcape Emote

Since the release of diaries last week we have seen a number of players take on the challenge and some have managed to complete every elite diary, unlocking the achievement diary skillcape.

Getting your hands on an achievement diary skillcape is no small feat and deserves an emote to match the scale of the achievement. As such, we have added a mammoth 20 second emote to the cape that will let some of the most experienced and skilled players in the game show off their accomplishment.

In case you aren't lucky enough to spot an achievement diary cape in game, you can see the emote in the achievement diary rewards showcase over on the Old School RuneScape YouTube channel.

In other news...

    • GE Item sets can now packed and unpacked using bank notes.
    • Crafting anything with leather no longer completes an elite skill challenge.
    • Information on achievement diary rewards is now available from each of the taskmasters at any time rather than only when you complete a diary.
    • Uncooked pies can now be traded on the GE.
    • Raw bird meat no longer has an ‘Eat’ option.
    • All four colours of dragon leather have been renamed to “dragon leather” rather than “d-leather”.
    • Increased buy rate limits for a number of items on the GE.
    • The Elite Void Knight now wears the updated Elite Void Knight robes.
    • Added a shortcut within the deep wilderness dungeon.
    • The Crystal Halberd now actually functions as a halberd.
    • Goldsmith gauntlets’ experience increase is now correctly applied when your Varrock armour smelts two bars at once.
    • Karamja gloves 4 now offer all the benefits of Karamja gloves 3.
    • Fertile Soil can now be cast on the Harmony Island herb patch.
    • Fixed a host of typos and minor issues with various tasks.

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